Department of Geography

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The Department’s Award-Winning Faculty work across the breadth of the discipline, with active research and teaching in four main areas:

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Department Chair & MSGISci Dir. Dr. Suzanne Perlitsh Wechsler
Department Coordinators: Jenny Sok Wisman and Leanne Johnson
Undergraduate Advisor: Dr. Linna Li
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Graduate Advisor: Dr. Gary Hytrek
GIS Lab Manager: Scott Winslow
Internship Program Director: Dr. Christine Jocoy

What is Geography?
Geography focuses on the spatial organization of human and physical landscapes, the interactions between human society and the physical environment, as well as on the meanings that people bring to their place in the world. Geography sits at the nexus of the social and physical sciences, drawing from a range of theoretical and methodological approaches for understanding the world around us.

For more information, check out Jobs in Geography Learn What Jobs are Hot and What is New in Geospatial technology Also be sure to take a look at the American Association of Geographers (AAG) Jobs and Careers web page that focuses on current trends in employment in the various fields of physical and human geography. 

CSULB Geography Department Statement of Solidarity