MSGISci Applied Projects

Successful completion of the MSGISci requires students to undertake an applied research project. One of the project deliverables includes a poster summary of their research, provided here. 

Cohort 6 Applied Project (2019)

Cohort 5 Applied Project (2018)


Project Title

Whitney Amaya

 Interactive Web Mapping as a Pollution Reporting Tool

Cheyenne Armstead

Gentrification in Long Beach, CA: What are the driving factors and where can we see the most change?

Bethany Balisky
Brenda Santos

From Hoof to Highway: How cattle shaped Texas’ modern highway system

Lanie Cabamongan

Streetlight Object Extraction Using Remote Sensing Data

Andrea Capshaw

Staying Connected: Analyzing Earthquakes through Twitter

Paul Castaneda

Utilizing LiDAR and Multispectral Imagery for a Comprehensive Tree Risk Assessment in Transmission Corridors

Carlos Castellanos

Analyzing the Dispersion of Air Pollutants in Las Vegas

Naomi Cheung

Los Angeles County Fire Department Incident Web Application

Noah Eckhous
Aaron Kochman
Sean Reseigh

A Methodology For Developing Photorealistic Representations of Oak Woodlands Using LiDAR and Multispectral Imagery

Kathy Eung
Julie Medina
Yoko Rader

CSULB Dual Drainage Flood Modeling

Haminton Lam

Web Map of Geo-visualization of Transit in Cerritos, CA

Anthony Maggio

Data Collection and Management in an Open Source GIS: a trashcan collection study – California State University, Long Beach

Hiroki Nozaki

3D Visualization of Platinum Triangle Specific Plan

Benjamin Olson
Eric Tapia

Geovisualization and Spatial Analysis of Mt. Baldy Hiking Trails

Phillip Rios

The Long Beach Olympic Experience

John Rowles

 Pigeon Morph Habitat Similarity

Audrey Sauvey

Data Organization and Consolidation of the Bureau of Land Management’s El Centro Non-Wilderness Restoration Data to Determine the Effectiveness of Desert Restoration Methods

Cohort 4 Applied Project (2017)


Project Title

Alejandro Aronna
Jose Valdovino

Solving Public Parking Issues with GIS: An Exploration of Interactive Web Map and Mobile Application Development

Ignacio Carter Cuadra

Developing an Application for Web Map Generation

Mark Engle

Development of an Interactive Web Map for Visualizing Long Beach Water Department Data

Bethany Fitch

Bringing Social Media to Reality: Development of a Palos Verdes Social Media Interactive Web Map

Daniel Gamboa
Andrew Hashimoto

Comparative Analysis of UAS  Acquisition  Methods

John Ho
Megan Yanez

Development of an Interactive Web Map for Visualizing Social and Environmental Vulnerabilities in the City of Long Beach

Gavin Jenkins

Field Data Collection & Analysis using Esri Applications

Karen Jordan

Envisioning an Accessible University: Campus Sidewalk Slope Analysis Utilizing LiDAR Data

Julia Macias Brown

Local Government Implementation of Geospatial Technology: Creating Technology-Enabled Field Crews for the City of Whittier 

Catherine Morris

A Geospatial Guide to Snakes in Southern California

Aaron Oakden

Exploring the Efficacy of Smartphone Technology with GIS

Anshu Pallav

Development of a Sustainable Tourism Web Map for the City of Long Beach Using an Open Source Enterprise GIS Architecture

Neda Peiravian

Developing a Customized Interactive Web Map for Managing the Tree Dataset of the Csulb Campus

Michelle Poblete

Development of Geospatial Methods for Assessing Food Environment

Cris Sarabia

Development of a GIS Based Habitat Suitability Model for Southern California Rare Plants

Dave Sims

Extracting Hydrothermal Alteration Zones from ASTER Imagery: A Survey of Digital Image Analysis Techniques 

Rosa Soria

Geovisualization of Sentiment Extracted from Place Descriptions

Russel Toler

Development of an Open Source Enterprise GIS

Max Zafarana

Interactive Pedestrian Routing Web Map for CSULB’s Upper Campus

Cohort 3 Applied Project (2016)


Project Title

Esteban Barbosa

Assessing Quality of Life in the Inland Empire Using Demographic Data and GIS

Elena Camacho

Developing a Web-enabled School Finder for Whittier City School District

Hyunwoo Cho

A Spatial Analysis of Potential Displacement And Gentrification Issues in Riverfront Communities along the Los Angeles River

Maynor Cisneros

Spatial Analysis of Pollution Exposure and Health Outcome in the Cities of Long Beach and Wilmington

Ramon Cuevas

Geovisualization of Sierra Nevada Snowfall Data 2011-2016

Kevin Gabelman

Time-Series Wavelet Analysis of Continuous Spatial Data: Using Soil Moisture to Predict Ebola Outbreaks

Klara Galleisky

A Comparison of Rapa Nui Petroglyphs using Microtopography

Rudolph (Rudy) Headley-El

Facilitating HOA Asset Management Using Geospatial Data Management Methods

Samuel Hiebert

Understanding and Predicting Illegal Dumping Using Spatial Analysis

(Kimmy) Nga Ting Lam

A Study of Water Surface Area Changes in Lake Mead from 1996 to 2016 By Using Remote Sensing and GIS Technologies

Andrew Liptak

A Spatial Analysis of Terroir of Wine in Bordeaux, France

Jerry Magana

Under a New Halo: Site Suitability Study for the Hypothetical Relocation of Angel Stadium

Ryan Mills

Addressing Public Outreach in Wildfire Education Using GIS and Web Development

Jimmy Ortega

Developing a GPS-Based Tree Inventory Method for Assessing Vegetation Change: A Case Study of the River Ridge Institute

Kris Reinicke

Ground Truthing UAV Imagery – Application in Rapa Nui Archaeology

Sean Tabin

Mapping Institutional Knowledge: An Approach to Managing Assets

Sumaiyah Umarji

Developing a GIS Based Mapping App for Android Devices

Laura E. Wrenn

A Spatial Guide to Southern California Mammals For Field Biologists

Alison Yoho

Crime Analysis and Crime Mapping: Bicycle Thefts on the California State University, Long Beach Campus

Samantha Lustado
Rachel Skoza

Geovisualizations and Spatial Analyses for a National Recreation Area

Deploying a Cloud-Based & Open Source Enterprise GIS

Jim Robinette
Nathalie Vazquez

Mapping the Dynamism of Long Beach’s East 7th Street Neighborhood (1920 and 1930)

Cohort 2 Applied Project (2015)


Project Title

Tracy Bower

Adapting Citizen Science Data For Use In GIS: Species Richness Models Of Birds In California

Cynthia Casarez

Interactive Audio Web Map

Eric (Yeu-Jer) Cheng

Developing a Mobile Mapping App for Android Devices

Paphichaya Chomkhanngoen

Developing an Interactive Map For Disseminating Detailed 3d Models Of Buildings on the CSULB Campus

Wesley DeWitt
Therese Norman
Sean Phayakapong

Identifying and Displaying Issues in Public Health through the use of Social Media and an Interactive Web Map

Steven Escobar

Understanding Temporal Change of Wetlands Through a Variety of Cartographic Visualization Techniques

Priyanka Hari

3D Visualization of California State University, Long Beach

Hoon Jo

Developing Data Acquisition Methods for Updating the City of El Segundo Water System Map

Shannon Julius

Investigating The Utility of Geographic Information Technology for a Community-Based Farm: Case Study in Long Beach, CA

Jinho Kang

Scripted 3D Modeling of the University Campus 

Steven Lim

A Geospatial Approach For Analyzing The Effects Of Sex Offender Residency Restriction Laws In Long Beach, California

Michael Maung
Lina Nguyen

A Comparison of Campus Basemap Creation Methods: A Case Study of California State University, Long Beach

Bryan Menegazzo

Development of a Transportation Web Map for the CSULB Campus

Edwin Roman

Cartographic Visualization Methods of Geo-Tagged Social Media Data During Civil Unrest 

Jeffrey Ruben

Implementing The Local Government Information Model In A Small City: A Feasibility Study

Luis Saenz

Developing a Data Collection and Data Management Methodology Using the Esri Collector App, AWS EC2, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, and QGIS

Lauren Sandri

White Point Landslide: Analysis of Surface Change

Christopher Schaffer

Measuring Lot Vacancy in Detroit: A Comparative Analysis of Factors Contributing to Urban Blight, 2009-2013

Zachary Strack

Creating A Webpage With An Embedded Interactive Web Map For Displaying Emergency Information

Cohort 1 Applied Projects (2014)