Drs. Ocón & Steinberg Published in Progress in Physical Geography

Drs. Jonathan Ocón, our new hire in Remote Sensing and Dr. Steve Steinberg, Adjunct Faculty are published in Progress in Physical Geography!

Remote sensing approaches to identify trees to species-level in the urban forest: A review

This research is part of the LA County urban tree mapping project and a collaborative effort with UCLA Geography. This work served as a prototype for the County’s efforts to map urban trees of interest using LiDAR data from the LARAIC program.

Dr. Ban Awarded Grant for Mapping Emotions of Asian/Asian American Experiences

Dr. ban awarded $2500 grant for “Mapping Emotions of Asian/Asian American (AAA) Experiences in the West, South Central, and Midwest Regions in the U.S.: Using Mixed-Methods Approach.” The grant will support a Graduate Student Assistant (about $1,800 for 90 hours in FA2024) and compensation for interview participants (about $700 for 30 or more interviews during SU-FA2024).

The project is part of an ongoing multidisciplinary research to explore the emotions of AAA adults in the U.S. they have experienced in public spaces since the COVID-19 pandemic. The study uses in-depth interviews and digital mapping using ArcGIS Online. The research team consists of geographers and psychologists at different U.S. institutions, including myself (Co-PI), Dr. Seungyeon Lee (Co-PI, psychology) at the University of Central Arkansas, and Drs. Hyejin Yoon (PI, geography) and Kyongboon Kwon (Co-PI, psychology) at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Dr. Yoon and I published the first article of the ongoing research about geographic literature on hate crimes and incidents (Yoon, Ban, and Hong-Dwyer 2024). The research team had a panel presentation, “Asia in Conversation: Navigating Asian/Asian-American Identity in the Midwest, Southwest, and West: Flourishing in Unfamiliar Terrain,” sponsored by the UWM Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and the William F. Vilas Trust, March 15, 2024. 


Mary Venegas earns Best Masters Thesis!

Mary Venegas is one of only two recipients of the College of Liberal Arts Best Master’s Thesis award winners. These graduate students are recognized for their outstanding scholarship. This award recognizes her outstanding scholarship in her thesis research titled: “Vulnerabilities and Resilience to Weather Events: Woodford Saint Andrew, Jamaica”. We also congratulate her Thesis Supervisors – Dr. Gary Hytrek (THesis Chair), Dr. Lily House-Peters (2nd Reader) and Dr. Dmitrii Sidorov (3rd Reader).

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Kate Prell wins coveted 2024 Dean’s List of Graduate Master’s Students

Kate Prell was selected as a 2024 Dean’s List of Graduate Master Students award recipient from the College of Liberal Arts at CSULB. The University presents this award each year to graduate students who have a record of academic excellence. The number of recipients from each college is limited to one percent of the students pursuing a graduate degree. This year, the College of Liberal Arts was privileged to select 6 students for this special award. Congratulations Kate!

Graduate Students publish research

Two of our MA students – Luis Mendiola Luna and Alejandro Beltran – collaborated on a recent publication with Dr. Lauren Heidbrink in Human Development!


Luis Mendiola Luna, Alejandro Beltran, Martha Fuentes, Fatima Zeferino & Lauren Heidbrink (12 Feb 2024): Inclusive Undergraduate Research Opportunities for Undocumented Students, Journal of First-generation Student Success, DOI: 10.1080/26906015.2024.2301945

Kate Prell wins President’s Outstanding Presentation Award @ 2023 APCG

Kate Prell wins President’s Outstanding Presentation Award at the October 2023 Association of Pacific Coast Geographers (APCG) 2023 Conference in Ventura, California,

Geography has Moved! Visit us in our new spaces and places!

Geography has a new space and place on campus! The Department of Geography has moved to our new home on the first floor of LA1 in the LA1-123A suite! Our faculty offices and graduate student spaces are located on the 1st floor and you will find our two brand new geospatial labs on the 3rd floor in LA1-301 and 303. We are grateful to the administration and facilities for the support through this years’ long process. Please come visit us!      

Dr. Hyowon Ban introduces the Metaverse at Spring 2023 Colloquium

On April 24th, Dr. Hyowon Ban treated Geography students and faculty to her colloquium titled Practice of Geography Research and Teaching in the Metaverse.  To find out more about this virtual environment that parallels the physical world, please check out Dr. Ban’s PowerPoint presentation.

Cameron Mayer MA earns Best Masters Thesis Award!

Congratulations to Cameron Mayer for being selected as the College of Liberal Arts best Masters Thesis 2023! His thesis: New West Tension and Threatened Species Protection: The Western Joshua Tree Conservation Debate in the Morongo Basin, California was chaired by Dr. Monica Argandona, with Dr. Paul Laris and Dr. Lily House-Peters as readers. 

The Best masters Thesis is a very competitive and prestigious award in the College of Liberal Arts. Geography has had four winners since 2018.

2023: Cameron MayerNew West Tension and Threatened Species Protection: The Western Joshua Tree Conservation Debate in the Morongo Basin, California 

2022: Julia Rose DowellTaking the Temperature of Climate Change in Long Beach: Concerns and Responses of Long Beach Residents Regarding Extreme Heat and Health Impacts

2021: Andrew SiwabessyGeologic mapping of Terra Cimmeria, Mars, and resultant implications for the Martian plate tectonics hypotheses

2018: Rebecca JacobsDeterminants of Fire Intensity in a Mesic West Africa Savanna: A Statistical Analysis of Fire Characteristics 


Dr. Hytrek’s work creating a participatory budget process for youth featured in the LB Business Journal

Dr. Hytrek’s contributions to the participatory budget process featured in the Long Beach Business Journal

…You don’t read a manual and learn how to ride a bicycle. You ride a bicycle by riding a bicycle,” Hytrek said. “People learn how to become citizens, residents of communities, by doing the work, but often … there aren’t those opportunities, and PB creates those opportunities…According to Hytrek, a participatory budget process is one of the most effective ways to deepen and broaden democracy within communities…