Emeriti and Former Faculty

Emeriti and Former Faculty


Dr. Norman Carter

Full Time Lecturer, Emeritus



Dr. James R. Curtis

Professor Emeritus

Cultural and urban geography, Latin America, US-Mexican borderlands, ethnic diversity in the US

Dr. Suzanne Dallman

Professor Emerita

Watersheds, hydrology, physical geography, environmental geography, water resource policy, sustainability

Dr. Molly Debysingh

Professor Emerita

Cultural geography, political geography, international development, South and Southeast Asia, Latin America

Dr. Deshonay Dozier

Assistant Professor of Cultural Studies, Claremont Graduate University 

Housing and homelessness, property, policing and incarceration, critical race and gender studies, Los Angeles, alternative communities


Dr. Frank Gossette

Professor Emeritus

GIS, computer cartography, geographic analysis, urban-economic geography, Europe, and East Asia

Dr. Edward Karabenick

Professor Emeritus

Urban geography, North Africa, Middle East, Europe

Dr. Wenjie Ji

Remote sensing, dryland ecology, landscape ecology, biogeography


Dr. John Kimura

Professor Emeritus

climatology and meteorology, East Asia

Dr. Christopher Lee

Professor Emeritus

Remote sensing, physical geography, applications of geospatial techniques to emergency management and national intelligence operations, geospatial workforce development, landscape and terrain analysis

Dr. Richard Outwater

Professor Emeritus

Urban geography, Southern California, urban studies

Dr. Joel Splansky

Professor Emeritus

Cultural, environmental management, travel and tourism, Sub-Saharan Africa, California, methods of landscape analysis

Dr. Judith Tyner

Professor Emerita

Cartography, historical cartography, cartographic design, map and air photo interpretation


Dr. Jean D. Wheeler

Professor Emerita

Pacific Ocean area, biogeography, U.S. and Canada, teaching methods, and organizing bicycle tours


James Woods

Retired FT Lecturer

Cartography, geographic information systems