Suzanne Dallman

Professor of Geography
California State University, Long Beach
1250 Bellflower Blvd.
Long Beach, CA 90840
562 985-7529 | Fax: 562 985-8993 | Office: PH1-212

Research Interests

Dr. Dallman’s research interests include environmental geography with a particular emphasis on water resource management and sustainability. She teaches in both the Geography and Environmental Science and Policy program, where she specializes in water issues related to California in particular.


  • BFA, Photography, San Francisco Art Institute
  • MA, California State University, Long Beach, 1995
  • PhD, University of California, Los Angeles, 2001

Selected Publications

  • Sultana, R., Mroczek, M., Sengupta, A., Dallman, S. and E. Stein. 2020. Improving Effective Impervious Estimates to Inform Stormwater Management. Water Resources Management.
  • McCarthy, M. and S. Dallman. 2019. The Drought is Over: Now What? Yearbook of the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers. 81:112-134.
  • Dallman, S. 2017. Navigating Drought in California: Lessons from Down-Under. Yearbook of the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers. 79:71-92.
  • Dallman, S., Chaudhry, A., Muleta, M. and Lee, J. 2016. The Value of Rain: Benefit-Cost Analysis of Rainwater Harvesting Systems. Water Resources Management. 30:4415–4428 Accessible from:
  • Dallman, S., Thien, D., Laris, P. and M. Ngo. 2014. Reinterpreting Traditional Cultural Properties: A Political Ecology of Emotion Perspective. Human Geography, 7 (2): 29-45
  • Dallman, S. 2014. Going local: Can a Southern California city give up imported water? Proceedings, OzWater’14. Brisbane, QLD, Australia: Australian Water Association. ISBN: 978-1-921335-22-8.
  • Dallman, S. and Spongberg, M. 2012. Expanding Local Water Supplies: Assessing the Impacts of Stormwater Infiltration on Groundwater Quality. Professional Geographer. 64(2): 232-249.
  • Dallman, S., Ngo, M., Laris, P. and D. Thien. 2013. Political Ecology of Emotion and Sacred Space: The Winnemem Wintu struggles with California water policy. Emotion, Space and Society. 6: 33-43.
  • Dallman, S. and Piechota, T. 2010. Storm Water: Asset not Liability. Los Angeles: Los Angeles and San Gabriel Rivers Watershed Council.
  • Dallman, Suzanne. 2010. Living Within Our Means: Contemplating a Sustainable Urban Water Budget. International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences.

Honors and Awards

  • Board member, California Watershed Network
  • Long Beach Water, Board of Commissioners Member, October 2008 – December 2013.
  • September 2006. Award for Outstanding Regional Stormwater Research project, given by the California Stormwater Quality Association and presented to the Los Angeles and San Gabriel Watershed Council for the LA Basin Water Augmentation Study (Dallman, Project Manager).