Christine L. Jocoy

Christine L. Jocoy

Photo of Dr. Jocoy

Professor of Geography
California State University, Long Beach
1250 Bellflower Blvd.
Long Beach, CA 90840
562 985-1383 | Fax: 562 985-8993| Office: PH1-226

Research and Teaching Interests

Christine L. Jocoy is a broadly trained human geographer with interests in urban planning, policy, and politics related to housing and homelessness, transportation, and sustainability. Her regional focus is the US and Southern California. Dr. Jocoy is also the Director of the Applied Internship Program for Geography and Environmental Science and Policy majors (GEOG 492/ES&P 495).


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To access Dr. Jocoy’s presentation given at the CLA Faculty Teaching Workshop: Preparing students for internships and careers on August 18, 2017, select Top five things I learned converting a resident to online course.

Research Projects

Dr. Jocoy conducts research on the politics of urban planning and development in the City of Long Beach and the Southern California region. She is currently completing research on the intersection of federal homeless assistance law and local land use planning specifically examining the case of the Century Villages at Cabrillo affordable housing complex built on former Navy base land on the westside of Long Beach. She has worked on the City of Long Beach’s biennial homeless count and her research on social and transportation policy related to homelessness in Long Beach has been funded by the John Randolph and Dora Haynes Foundation and the METRANS Transportation Center. Her most recent publication appears in Urban Geography on the land use conflicts surrounding the development of Playa Vista, CA, and the restoration of the Ballona Wetlands. She also studies the history and geography of neighborhoods, completing in 2017 a historic preservation project funded by the Long Beach Navy Memorial Heritage Association in collaboration with the Rose Park Neighborhood Association. View cartographic visualizations of Long Beach in the 1920s at the East 7th Street History Project’s Neighborhood Atlas.


  • BA, Vassar College, 1993
  • MA, Pennsylvania State University, 1998
  • PhD, Pennsylvania State University, 2004

AAG 2015 Poster

Experiencing Urban Sustainability in Five Fieldtrips AAG 2015 Abstract & Bib Final

Selected Publications (complete CV in PDF)

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  • GEOG 100 World Regional Geography (Example Syllabus Spring 2014)
  • GEOG 360 Human Geography
  • GEOG 464 Urban Geography: Sustainable Cities
  • GEOG 467 / 567 Metropolitan Problems and Solutions
  • GEOG 492 / ESP 495 Applied Internship
  • GEOG 666 Seminar in Urban Geography