Global Studies

Global Studies

Geography is an inherently global discipline, with a strong emphasis on regional studies as well as globa socio-cultural and political-economic processes and practices. Within this area of specialization, students can take courses that examine, in-depth, various area studies. Students with an interest in global studies, often double-major in another discipline, such as history, political science, or international studies. Students with degrees in this area may also pursue the California Single-Subject Credential in History/Social Science, or do work as various as the peace corp or international business.

Within "global studies," we offer courses in the following areas:

  • World Regional Geography
  • East, South, and Southeast Asia
  • Russia and Its Neigbhors
  • Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean
  • South America
  • Middle East and North Africa
  • Europe
  • US and Canada
  • Geography of the Global Economy
  • World Cities
  • Politcal Geography

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Responsible Tenure-Track Faculty:

Drs. Hytrek, Laris, and Sidorov