Human Geography

Human Geography

Human geographers examine a number of wide-ranging topics, with an emphasis on the spatial distribution and organization of cultural practices, social groups and identities, economic and political phenomena, health practices and indicators of health, and historical patterns. Human geographers also focus in-depth on the place-based practices of gender, race, sexuality, and ethnicity as well as nationalism, ability/disability, and community, to name just a few. Within the human geography curriculum, there is also a strong emphasis on urban geography as well as development (and rural) geography. Human geographers draw from the spectrum of geospatial techniques, including GIS and qualitative methodologies. Students trained in human geography do a number of things, including planning, teaching, and development work.

Within “human geography,” we offer courses in the following areas:

  • Economic Geography
  • Feminist Geography
  • Political Geography
  • Social (and Cultural) Geography
  • Urban Geography

Responsible Tenure-Track Faculty:

Drs. Ban, Hytrek, Jocoy, Sidorov, Thien