Internships for Geography and Environmental Science & Policy Students

Internships provide a number of benefits to students:

  • career-related work experience
  • professional skills
  • familiarity with workplace norms and situations
  • evaluation of potential career paths
  • networking with potential future employers
  • mentoring from an experienced professional
  • examples of projects completed in a professional work setting

Read What is an Internship? for further explanation.

How can I get course credit for an internship?

Geography and Environmental Science and Policy (ES&P) majors/minors may obtain course credit for a paid or volunteer community-based placement that enhances their professional preparation in geography or environmental science or policy.

What kind of internships are available to me?

Since 2012, CSULB Geography and ES&P students have earned course credit in internship positions with over 40 different organizations. If you are looking for an internship, consider contacting the organizations that have hosted our students in the past. For the organizations that have provided up open positions announcements, information on how to apply is provided.

What other resources are available?

The College of Liberal Arts (CLA) offers additional information on finding internships and an internship course, C/LA 492, which can be substituted for GEOG 492/ESP 492 credit.

CSULB’s Career Development Center provides career counseling, workshops, job fairs, position recruiting announcements, panel discussions, and many other resources to help you turn your degree into a career.

For more information, contact the Director of the Internship Program: Christine Jocoy, Ph.D. at