Day 9!

June 20, 2012 (post is about June 19, 2012)

Yesterday was a super long day!  The first thing that we did was try to use the spectrometer to tag some plants, but the weather was not cooperating at all!  It rained on us as soon as we had calibrated it and when we got back out there it would start raining again.  We only managed 10 readings, but it’s a start.  While we were there some of the people that work for the NTBG offered us some local wild pig and I got to say, it was really good!

After trying to get the spectrometer readings we had lunch on the sand near the beach, it was pretty peaceful and cool.  I tried to even my tan up to no avail.  We then hiked up for a while along the coast to go to the base of a temple that was once there to try to take some spectrometer readings on the rock and see if there’s any difference between them.  We also took some GPS points of native and non-native vegetation to use for our vegetation group projects.

Here are some photos of the hike: