Program Learning Outcomes (Geography B.A.)

Geography B.A. Program Learning Outcomes

Program learning outcomes (PLOs) are specific types of knowledge and skills that students are expected to acquire in the program and to be able to demonstrate upon completion. The Department expects that students who major in geography will be skilled in disciplinary theories, methodologies, and content. These expectations ground the following learning goals and objectives for undergraduate and graduate majors.

Upon completion of the Bachelor’s of Arts in Geography, students will be able to demonstrate the following:

  1. Articulate the theories, philosophies, and concepts in the discipline of geography, including unifying themes of spatial patterns and structures, the interrelationship between people and places, and the interactions between nature and society.
  2. Explain and distinguish differences among the various methodologies used in geographic research and analysis.
  3. Acquire, analyze, evaluate, and interpret geographic data and/or research.
  4. Communicate geographic data, theories, philosophies, and concepts in oral, written, and visual forms, with ethical engagement and respect for diversity of individuals, groups, and cultures.
  5. Identify and assess how geographic concepts apply in the workplace and in everyday life to solve real-world problems.

Our university has also adopted Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs) that are intended to highlight the general knowledge, skills, and abilities that all students are expected to possess upon graduating from CSULB.  Please click on this link to access our CSULB ILOs.