Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs

Geographers Collaborating Across the Campus

Geographers have natural affiliations with a number of programs across the campus. This page highlights just a few of these. For me information on programs in the College of Liberal Arts Departments. Here we introduce a few that our faculty and students have direct experiences in:

Environmental Science and Policy

The Environmental Science & Policy degree program is jointly housed in the College of Liberal Arts and the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, reflecting its inherent interdisciplinary nature. The mix of required courses includes both natural and social sciences in both degree programs, while emphasizing natural sciences in the BS program and emphasizing social sciences in the BA program. Elective courses in the BS program enhance the students’ knowledge in natural sciences and quantitative/computer skills in the social sciences. Elective courses in the BA program emphasize applications of social science to environmental issues and policy, while permitting students to further develop their knowledge of natural sciences. The curricula of the two degrees are designed to encourage and facilitate students pursuing double majors with departments in natural or social science.

The Social Science Credential Programs

The social science credential program at CSULB is founded on the philosophy that new teachers must be prepared to meet the challenges of an interdependent world in the twenty-first century. Consequently, the program seeks to train and develop teachers with an understanding of, and sensitivity to, diverse cultures and historical experiences. Additionally, the program is geared to prepare future teachers with an appreciation of the rights and responsibilities of citizens in a democratic society, as well as the importance of ethical behavior and a respect for human rights. Many geographers also study in the field of history.

Chicano and Latino Studies

The department of Chicano and Latino Studies seeks to help students succeed in their University studies and prepare for professional careers. We offer students an outstanding curriculum on Chicanos and Latinos in the United States. The faculty helps students enhance their writing, speech, critical thinking, and computer skills. The department provides students with internships to assist community organizations, thereby gaining invaluable professional experience. The department provides students with scholarships to study in Mexico and Latino America, enabling students to improve their Spanish-language fluency, increase their knowledge of contemporary Latin American cultures and of the vital interrelationships between California’s Latino populations and their communities of origin. The education we offer students helps prepare them to assume leadership roles in our multicultural society and global economy.