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What is Geography?

Geography focuses on the spatial organization of human and physical landscapes, the interactions between human society and the physical environment, as well as on the meanings that people bring to their place in the world. Geography sits at the nexus of the social and physical sciences, drawing from a range of theoretical and methodological approaches for understanding the world around us.


Life of Geography Students

  • Undergraduate students (by Aziz Fellague Ariouat)
  • Graduate students (by Kenya Creer)


Alumni News (the list of our alumni and their occupations)

  • Interview with a new Ph.D. student (by Aneika  Perez, B.A. in Geography, CSULB)

    Interview with Aneika Perez (April 5, 2021) Part I

    Interview with Aneika Perez (April 5, 2021) Part II


Laurels by the Geography Students (kudos to everyone!)

Laurels by the Geography Faculty & Staffs

GIS and Visualization at The Beach


Greetings from the Chair (video coming soon)

Why Geography at The Beach? (video coming soon)

Graduate Programs (video coming soon)


Academic Program Information


Admission Information




Advising FAQ


Coming Soon!

  • Immersive Online Tour on CSULB campus
  • Live Virtual Tour on CSULB campus