Human Development


The goals of the Department of Human Development (HDEV) are to study maturation and development as lifelong processes, linking theory and methodology across disciplines, including anthropology, biology, psychology, and sociology, and to provide students with an understanding of development in the context of family, society, and culture. Students learn about the biological, cognitive, social, and emotional development of humans from conception to death, and faculty apply an interdisciplinary focus to both teaching and research. Strengths of HDEV include: 1) its international focus, which is integrated in both curricular content and study abroad classroom experience; and 2) the internship capstone course (HDEV 470: Practicum/Seminar), during which students gain real-world work experience through career-related internship placements that serve to scaffold the student’s transition from school to the workplace. Learn more about HDEV.

Vision: The Department of Human Development at CSULB strives to imagine and enact dignified futures for all. We are guided by a shared commitment to dismantling oppressive systems that perpetuate social inequity locally and globally. 

Mission: The Department of Human Development is dedicated to the interdisciplinary, intersectional study of the human experience across the lifespan. Drawing from anthropology, biology, psychology and sociology, students apply innovative coursework to pressing social issues, gaining valuable skills in critical thinking, data analysis, and professional communication. We recognize the importance of preparing a diverse generation of professionals committed to improving the quality of life of individuals and communities. Students prepare for rewarding careers in education, social work, health services, media, and the nonprofit sector, among others. A degree in human development offers students curricular flexibility and transferable skills to sustain and contribute to building a more just world.


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Greetings from the Chair

Welcome to the 2022-2023 academic year! We are excited to begin offering courses in person once again and in hybrid formats. We also understand that many students are still adjusting to personal, family and work circumstances as a result of the pandemic, so we continue to offer courses online either synchronously or asynchronously.

As we move forward, the Department faculty are prepared to offer students interesting and timely courses. I encourage students to take as many HDEV courses as possible to experience different perspectives in this unique interdisciplinary major. And, as always, the Department staff are ready to assist you in navigating your major, minor, or other matters related to your academic plan.

Human Development is the only major that combines the disciplines of anthropology, psychology and sociology preparing you to have a holistic view of the human experience and the societal forces that shape who we are. For this reason, Human Development majors work in careers with children, adolescents, families, and elders in a variety of settings including healthcare, education, and human services. We know our majors are prepared for a career or graduate school because in HDEV courses you get real world experience and do an internship before you graduate. There are also opportunities to get involved in faculty research projects.

If you are wondering if Human Development is the major for you, check out the video below to hear from our students about why they are majoring in HDEV.

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Karen Quintiliani, Ph.D.