Evaluation of Tenured Faculty, Open Period: November 22-December 13, 2021

Evaluation of Tenured Faculty: Open Period November 22-December 13, 2021 (.pdf)

Student Spotlight: Miguel Adanza

Miguel AdanzaMiguel is nominated by Dr. Ann Kim. According to Dr. Kim, “Miguel transferred to CSULB – HDEV in spring 2021 and has been getting involved in campus life. Miguel was an active student in HDEV 327. He then jumped in to become a research assistant during the summer and has returned to do more research this fall. Miguel has a variety of interests in the area of internet/technology use in low-income and communities of color. He isn’t set on a specific path to pursue after graduation. He has been exploring his options and is talking to others to get ideas.”

Mandatory Orientation for HDEV 470 Spring 2022

So, you want to take HDEV 470… now what? Watch the 470 overview video on YouTube to find out!

For more information about procedures and deadlines related to HDEV 470, please visit the Internship Documents and Resources page.

Resources for finding an internship are available on the Orientation to HDEV 470 Internship Class on BeachBoard. 

You must attend one mandatory Live Orientation on Zoom:

Please arrive on time. Students who are 10 minutes or more late will not be admitted to the meeting and will be required to attend another orientation.

All students should attend one orientation session. Students who do not attend orientation may be dropped from HDEV 470. 

November is HDEV Internship Month! There will be a variety of workshops and events that have been curated for HDEV students. More details will be announced soon. 

Questions about orientations or other HDEV 470 issues can be directed to Dr. Kimberly Kelly (Kim.Kelly@csulb.edu), HDEV Internship Coordinator.


Periodic Mini Evaluation Review, Open Period: August 27 – September 17, 2021

Student Spotlight: Savannah Neves

Savannah Neves is nominated for her contributions to Dr. Kim Kelly’s research team as a HDEV intern. “Savannah’s hard work, enthusiasm, and creativity are truly impressive. She is a consistently reliable research intern, excelling in collaborative work as well as independent projects and tasks. Her ability to take sometimes vague direction from me as her supervisor and produce incredible research graphics is laudable. Her work with visuals has taken our lab presentations to the next level. Additionally, she is an active and engaged participant during team meetings. I’ve seen much improvement in her confidence to give her fellow labmates feedback and in the quality of the feedback as well. Savannah is a star HDEV student and her work as an HDEV intern deserves commendation.”

Graduates: Apply to Graduate with HDEV Departmental Honors

Students who are graduating Fall 2020, Spring 2021, or Summer 2021:
Please consider applying to graduate with HDEV Departmental Honors if you meet the following criteria!

Human Development Honors flyer 2021

Click the image below to go directly to the application

HDEV Honors

Student Spotlight: Carlos Noriega

Carlos Noriega

In her nomination letter, Dr. Ann Kim states, “Carlos has been a pleasure to have in class because he is great at making connections between his own personal experiences and the material being discussed in class. That makes his comments thoughtful and insightful. As a human development student, Carlos has gained a wide variety of experiences during his time at CSULB.  He’s conducted interviews for research data collection with Dr. Ann Kim and is currently an instructional student assistant for HDEV 190 (the Intro Statistics class!). With graduation on the horizon, Carlos is thinking of pursuing is a career in counseling to help adolescents and young adults succeed in their academic and professional careers.”

HDEV announces 2020-2021 Student Award Recipients

Congratulations to this year’s HDEV student award recipients!

Jessica Cardenas

Outstanding Graduate in Human Development

Jessica has been selected as the Outstanding Graduate in Human Development. The Awards Committee was thoroughly impressed with her strong GPA and her valuable experiences in and out of the classroom. Her hardworking spirit and driven attitude have propelled her to success.

Julie Chan

Alice Hurst “Visionary” Award

Julie has been selected for the Alice Hurst “Visionary” Award. Julie has demonstrated immense tenacity in persevering in her studies despite encountering various challenges. We applaud her dedication and commitment to pursuing academic excellence.

Kathy Aldrete

Community Engagement Award

Kathy has been selected for the Community Engagement Award. Kathy has been an active leader in various organizations on and off campus, making valuable contributions to the different professional communities that she is part of. 

Interested in Volunteering Abroad?: Peace Corps

Interested in volunteering abroad?

Stop by during Zoom Office Hours or contact Catherine Jerome peacecorps@csulb.edu

See a List of Peace Corps Events for Spring 2021

Apply for HDEV Awards: **New Deadline 1/25/2021