Internship Opportunities

Faculty Internship coordinator: Dr. Ann Kim (

Internship Enrollment Checklist:

1. Determine whether you meet minimum eligibility requirements

 (  ) Graduating Senior in Human Development in your final semester;

 (  ) Have 18 or fewer units remaining to graduate;

 (  ) Have completed HDEV pre-reqs with a ‘C’ or better (including HDEV 190, 307, 310, 320, 327, 357)

2. Register for a section of HDEV 470 during your University registration access period

3. Attend one mandatory live orientation on Zoom or in person (late March)

4. Secure an internship placement at an appropriate practicum site (list of pre-approved partner sites on S4 or you may petition to have an alternative internship approved that is not on the pre-approved list).

4a.  Request a Placement Exception (if applicable) via S4. This will take time so make sure to start early. Due by April 26, 2024

5.  Register your internship placement via S4. No changes to internships after submitting the form. Due by May 6, 2024

6. Have your supervisor complete the Sponsor Approval Form via S4. You are responsible for making sure that your supervisor submits their required portions of the forms.

7.  Complete the pre-internship requirements as determined by your practicum site supervisor

8.  Begin working hours at your practicum by the first week of classes

The mandatory orientations and internship fair were in March, 2024. If you missed them, contact the faculty internship coordinator (Dr. Ann Kim at ASAP to determine a way forward so that you may possibly move forward with your HDEV 470 and internship plans.

Approved internship organizations list on S4: