HDEV 470: Pre-registration Requirements

HDEV 470: Pre-registration Requirements

HDEV 470 is the 1 hour 50 minute seminar that students take while they are completing their semester-long internship.  The seminar is an opportunity for students to reflect on their experiences at their internships, to engage in professional development, and to utilize their human development knowledge to analyze issues of contemporary importance. All orientation materials and forms are located on the Orientation to HDEV 470 Internship Class on BeachBoard. Please also see the 470 HANDBOOK for Students and Sponsors (Revised Spring 2019) for guidance. 

Due Dates for Spring 2020

Early in the semester prior to taking the course, students should complete the HDEV 470 orientation (videos + quiz). Students must also identify internship opportunities:  There are three ways to identify an internship opportunity:

  1. Use the pre-approved list of CLA internships
  2. Intern with an HDEV faculty member; or
  3. Find an alternative/off-list internship related to your career goals.  If you choose this route, you will need to seek approval from the department’s internship coordinator.

 Please remember that all of your internship paperwork will be due by the first day of your HDEV 470 class.  All paperwork needs to be submitted to Ana Canela (ana.canela@csulb.edu).

  1. HDEV 470 Sponsor Signature Form 
  2. Placement Exception Form (only for those conducting an internship that is neither on the CLA internship list nor the HDEV faculty list)
  3. CSULB University Volunteer Form (only for those conducting an on-campus internship)