Affiliate Programs

Affiliated Programs

The Social Science Credential Program

Social Science Credential Program Homepage

Oral History Program

Oral History Program Homepage
Oral History Archives

For information regarding the Oral History Program, please contact Ali F. Igmen, Ph.D. (562) 985-8765

VOAHA: The Virtual Oral/Aural History Archive

For information regarding VOAHA, please contact Sherna Gluck or Kaye Briegel, Ph.D.

Jewish Studies

For information, please contact Jeff Blutinger, Ph.D. (562) 985-2196

Jewish Studies website.

Interested in the requirements for a History Minor in Jewish Studies? Click here.

Latin American Studies

For information, please contact Jayne Howell, Ph.D. (562) 985-5192

Interested in the requirements for a History Minor in Latin American Studies? Click here.

Middle Eastern Studies

For the Middle Eastern Studies brochure, click here.

For a description of the Middle Eastern Studies Minor, you may refer to the University Catalog or you may visit the History Minor page.

For information, please contact Ali Igmen, Ph.D., Interim Director (562) 985-8765

Ancient History Abroad

Since 1989, CSULB students have been able to spend the Winter Session taking an ancient history class in Greece andItaly. Click on the link to learn more about this international program.

Study Ancient History in Rome this January

Ancient History Scholarship Travel Fund