Where do I get a undergrad/grad worksheet and/or info on the Department Awards?

Click here to find undergrad/grad worksheets and info on the Department Awards.

How do I declare a History Major?

See an advisor who will update your record electronically. As for switching from one department to another, you do not need to notify the department you are switching out of. Your major will change on your record automatically.

How do I file for graduation?

Fill out a History Major Worksheet for the appropriate catalog year you declared your major, meet with the Undergraduate Advisors (Dr. Dabel or Dr. Igmen) to fill out a program planner, obtain a sealed and stamped copy from the department office (FO2-106) and turn it in to Enrollment Services (BH-101). 

When are my final exams?

The final exam schedule is in the class schedule. Your instructor will most likely have listed the date in the syllabus given to you the first day of class.

Where’s my instructor’s office? What are my instructor’s office hours? Phone number? Email?

There are many easy ways to find answers to these questions: Check the syllabus given to you by your instructor the first day of class. Check the faculty page for the information. Check the list posted outside of FO2-106.

I went to my class and no one was there. Why? Where are/were they? What do I do?

Sometimes instructors cancel classes for conferences, or hold class in a different room or the library and don’t tell our office. If a teacher is sick or for some other reason has to cancel class, it will more than likely be posted in front of the classroom.

I’ve been told that a class has been cancelled for the semester, but it still shows up as being active on My.Csulb.edu. What is the status of my class?

If the History Department has told you that the class has been cancelled, then it has been cancelled. Brotman Hall may take a while to update their information.