Masters Theses

  1. Trevor, Timothy. “A Circus in the Sky: Birdmen, Barnstormers, and the Era of Spectacular Aviation in the United States, 1910-1926.”


  1. Cozart, Rick. “The Fury of an Ignorant Zeal”: Janet Schaw and the Narrative of the Atlantic World, 1774-1776.


  1. Bell-Wilson, Chloe. “Before Pink Ribbons: Activists, Doctors, and Patients in the Fight Against Breast Cancer during the Twentieth Century.”


  1. Buehlmaier, Nicole E. “Vanguards and Violence: Representations of Female Armed Resistance and the Search for Radical Legitimacy, 1968-1975.”


  1. Jeffreys, Megan K. “Children of Resistance: An Analysis of Runaway Child Slave Advertisements in Virginia, 1760-1820.


  1. Mata, Alberto, Jr. “From Colony to Nation State: Class Warfare, Revolution, and Independence in Mexico and Argentina, 1810-1826.”


  1. Parkes, Alan. “Age of Quarrel: Subcultural Representations of Neoliberal Ethos in New York City Hardcore Punk, 1980-1990.”


  1. Serrano, Christy D. “Better Breeding in the West: The History of Sterilization and Eugenic Theory in California.”


  1. Khalifian, Shahrouz. “Pacem Cum Civibus Imperpetuum Non Habernet”: Conflict and the Formation of the University Communities in Paris, Orléans, and Toulouse, 1200-1389.”


  1. Benton, Mark G., Jr. “To Embrace the King: The Formation of a Political Community in the French County of Anjou, 1151-1247.”


  1. Dallara, Anais. “The “Femme-Homme” of the French Revolution: Gender Boundaries and Masculinization.”


  1. Hernandez, Holly N. G. “Performing Place, Performing the Past: Regional Identity, Mexican Labor, and Antimodernism at Fred and Florence Bixby’s Rancho Los Alamitos.”


  1. Jenrich, Marissa. “To Treat Her as a Woman”: African American Women and Respectability in New York, 1860-1890.”


  1. Chu, Jeff. “The Bible and Josephus: Literary Sources for the History of the Tenth-Century Levant.”


  1. Rosenberger, Nathan. “Art in the Ashes: Class, Race, Urban Geography, and Los Angeles’s Postwar Black Art Centers.”


  1. Cook, Danielle N. “Public Space and Nation: Constructing National Culture After Independence.”


  1. Garcia, Ricci Chavez. “Border Hopin’ Hardcore: The Forming of a Latina/o Punks’ Transborder Civic Imagination on the Bajalta California Borderlands and the Refashioning of Punk’s Revolutionary Subjectivity, 1974-1999.”


  1. Stahl-Kovell, Daniel. “Reimagining Red Power: Native American Community, Activism, and Academics in Postwar America.”


  1. Haberstroh, John Joseph. “Opposing the Panhellenists: The Oligarchic Resurgence in Athens, 413-411.”


  1. Blanchard, Heather D. “The Decline of Egyptian Sea Power: The Intersection of Economic and Political Influence in the Third Century B.C.”


  1. Crovella, R.W. “The Burke-Paine Debate and its Influence of the New Republic.”


  1. Dill, Amber Lynn. “Finding the “Middle Ground”: The Roman-Numidian Alliance and the Creation of Identities during the Punic War Period, 218-146 B.C.E.”


  1. Van Dyk, Benjamin Edward. “The Wha;er’s Casket: Whaling and Children’s Literature in Antebellum America.”


  1. Ghazal, Mohammad Amer. “Medicine, Merchants, and Materia Medica: The Connected World of the Medieval Islamicate Mediterranean.”


  1. Lorscheider, Matthew Kilpinen. “Reinventing Long Beach: The Fight for Space and Place in Post-Cold War Long Beach, 1990-1999.”


  1. Krause, Jean M. “Homeschooling: Constructing or Deconstructing Democracy?”


  1. McCormack, Carey. “Civilizing Burma: British Literary Representations of Colonial Burma, 1890-1900.”


  1. Puder, Christopher W. “Egyptomania: American Cultural Representations of Egypt during the Cold War.”


  1. Rockenbach, Adam. “Pro-Slavery Representations of the Haitian Revolution in the British West Indies, Cuba, and the United States, 1790-1820.”


  1. Roy, Steven A. “The Anglo-Ottoman Encounter: Diplomacy, Commerce, and Popular Culture, 1580-1650.”


  1. Koops, Mitchell A. “Imperium Turbae: Mob Violence in Late Republican Rome.”


  1. Moore, Stephen. “The New Traditionalists: Folk Music, Authenticity and Modernity in Cold War America, 1958-1962.”


  1. Bowlen, Ian L. “Separate by not Equal: Okie Children in California’s Public School System during the Great Depression.”


  1. Caverly, Rebecca S. “Marketing Masculinity: Male Identity, Boy culture, and the Boy Schouts of America, 1900-1940.


  1. Dalton. Ryan. “The Story of Huo Yuanjia and the Narrative of National Humiliation in Post-Mao China.”


  1. Hammond, Joseph. “The Unrelenting Rivals: Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the Organization of. The Islamic Conference, 1979, 1997.”


  1. Horton, Jason C. “Dhan A’Chaidhealtachd: An Analysis of the Statutes of Iona and the Persistence of the Traditions found therein 1609-1746.”


  1. Jaimes, Abraham. “Involuntarious Da Patria: Forging the Brazilian Nation and Memory of the Paraguay War, 1864-1875.”


  1. Miller, Michael W. “The Mediterranean Ethiopian: Intellectual discourse and the Fixity of Myth in Classical Antiquity.”


  1. Pendleton, Muriel. “From Bullbaiting to Theater and Oratorio Attending: The Cultural Development of Birmingham during the Eighteenth Century.”


  1. Prather, Michelle R. “Pink, Blues, Blacks, and the Union Jack: Mod’s reinterpretations of Britishness, 1962-1964.”


  1. Schey, Kathie A. “A Paradigm for Historical and Biographical Research in Support of Living History Programming at Rancho Los Cerritos Historic Site.”


  1. Scott-Keith, Erin. “Doncellas, Violators and Common Aggressors: Understanding Honor and Punishment in case of ESTUPRO and NON-SEXUAL Assault in late Colonial Guatemala.”


  1. Serafi, Jehan M. “Fighting for Mother Ireland: The Function of the Female Image in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Ireland.”


  1. Rodriguez, Steven G. “Devotion to Land: The Virgin Mary and the Mudejar in the Post Conquest Program of Alonso X Castile, 1252-1284.”


  1. Rutherford, Colin. “The Education of Dr. Khalil Totah.”


  1. Banks, Gennay Monique. “The Revolution Will not be Gender-ized.”


  1. Moreno, Gary. “From the Haciendo to Hollywood: A Cultural History of the Charro.”


  1. Peters, Amy. “The Mark of Gender: Depicting Power and the Female Body in Colonial Peru.”


  1. Hannisdal, Linda. “Revolutionary Women: War, Ideology, and Status in America, 1763-1800.”


  1. Gillogly, Patrick. “The Impact of Bartolome de Medina’s Mercury Amalgamation Process and Chinese Demand for Silver on the Birth of Global Trade in the Sixteenth Century.”


  1. Guerra, Dustin. “When The Democratic Party Dies The Constitution Will Not Survive”: The Southern Walkout of the 1860 Democratic National Convention.”


  1. Martin, Gregory J. “Cato Americanus: Retrieving Benjamin Franklin’s Commonwealthman Ideology.”


  1. Merwin, Frederick Richard. “Not Like You: A History of Punk Subculture in Long Beach, California.”


  1. Christensen, Tamar S. “The Golden Age of the American Pin-Up, 1941-1957: Cultural Representation and Relevance.”


  1. Curly, George. “The Fall of the Standing Order: Connecticut 1800-1818.”


  1. Doane, Denise Alyson. “The Changing Role of the Roman Matron in the Republican Period.”


  1. Ernst, Brian Charles. “Creating the Ideal Heimat: The Danube Swabians in Baden-Württemberg, 1954-1974.”


  1. Fishman, Robyn Danielle. “American Diagnostics: Psychiatry Diagnosis in American Psychiatry, 1820-1880.”


  1. Garza-Weatherspoon, Oddett. “An Acquired Taste: How Spanish and Mexican Recipes Helped Shape Early Los Angeles.”


  1. Herrera, Elissa J. “Shaping Visions of the Middle East: Representations of the 1978-1979 Iranian Revolution in Mainstream U.S. Media.”


  1. Holdeman, Angie. “ “It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World”: Popular Figures and Masculine Identities in 1960s America.”


  1. Hovland, Carter. “America’s Forgotten Assassination: A Second Look at President Garfield’s Murderer Charles Guiteau.”


  1. Liberman-Cuenca, Esther. “Belief and Practice: Ideas of Sorcery and Witchcraft in Late Medieval England.”
  2. Parkin, Jeremy S. “Police Work on the Mormon Trail, 1846-1848.”


  1. Sprague, Jeb. “The Overview of Popular Democracy in Haiti: 2001-2004.”


  1. Wittman, Marialana. “Women and Syphilis in Eighteenth-Century France.”


  1. Altenbernd, Erik. “Body and Soul: Landscape Aesthetics, the Market Revolution, and the Nineteenth-American Wilderness.”


  1. Bernard, Eric. “Fighting the Conspiracy: The Mission Indian Federation’s Justifiable Use of Violence: 1905-1934.”


  1. Hendricks, Jeffrey. “Constructing the Panopticon: Perceptions of Wilderness, Methods of Domination, and the Colonization of Native American.


  1. Smith, Justin. “Walter Benjamin and the City: Theories of Modernity Through the Lens of Nineteenth Century Paris.”


  1. Schappel, Donna. “The Hope of a Nation: The Social Reform Programs of John F. Kennedy.”


  1. Swensson, Erika. “Gender Transformation and the Body in Aldhelm’s De Virginitate and the Anglo-Saxon Double Monastery.”


  1. Bolelli, Danielle. “Fighting for the Heart and Everything That is: The War for the Black Hills: 1800-Present.”


  1. Morris, Michael. “Dust Bowl Ballads and Okie Culture.”


  1. Peterson, Ann. “Recollection of Andrea Gomez: Terminal Island Fish Cannery Employees and Union Organizers 1924-1965.”


  1. Stonis, Michelle. “On Heathen Ground: The Double Bind of Women’s Roles in the Sandwich Island Mission, 1819-1863.”


  1. Garvin, Timothy. “An Immortal Band of Rogues: Immigrant Disaffection and the San Patricio Battalion in the United States Mexican War, 1846-1848.


  1. Maloney, Garron. “The Construction of the Modern Ranching Subculture and the Commodification of Cowboy Poetry, 1865-2004.”


  1. Atkinson, Michael Tully. “The Artist as Provocateur: Oscar Wilde, 1889-92.”


  1. Kobayashi, Toru. “The Development of “Freedom” “Equality” and “Natural Rights” Under the American Liberal Democracy and its Effect on Japan’s Modernization in the Meiji Restoration.”


  1. Marshall, Jason. “Demonizing the Counterculture: Los Angeles Newspaper and the Manson Murders, 1969-1971.


  1. Doniger, Susan. “The Ainsworth House: An Analysis of a Community Museum.”


  1. Estrada, Gilbert. “How the East Was Lost: Mexican Fragmentation, Displacement and the East Los Angeles Freeway System, 1947-1972.”


  1. Hill, Sean. “Essays on Power, Knowledge, and Consciousness.”


  1. Knutson, Wayne. “A New and Extensive Business: Tariffs, Internal Improvements and the Rise of American Manufacturers.”


  1. Leech, Donald. “Late Medieval Coventry: A Regional Perspective.”


  1. Nicolov, Pressian. “An Analysis of White Fears of Black Resistance in the Antebellum.”


  1. Porter, Barry. “Republican Opposition to the First Three Emperors of Rome.”


  1. Saiz, Lisa. “A Study of the Southwestern Migrant Women of the 1930s and 1940s.”


  1. Caldwell, Donald. “Indian Gaming in California.”


  1. Fisher, Stever. “Cowboy and Western Music: Its Mark on the Southern California Landscape.”


  1. Harrison, Jeffrey. “Nazarene Christianity: John Toland on the Early Church.”


  1. Grutzmacher, Wayne. “The Apache in the American Southwest.”


  1. Takeuchi, Michiko. “Gendered States: Pan-Pan Girls in the U.S. Occupation in Japan.”


  1. Vu, Mai. “The Resilience of Vietnamese American Women.”


  1. Ashbrooke, Norman. “Southern California Tennis During the Depression.”


  1. Fishkin, Andrew. “Seventy Years- Japanese Naval Development from the 1870s to the 1940s.”


  1. Leonhard, Claudia. “Towards the Study of Holocaust Memoirs.”


  1. Levicki-Lavi, Lara. “Jewish Settlement in Colonial Georgia.”


  1. Sombo, Manara. “Cambodian Women’s Role and the Decline of Cambodia.”


  1. Umphenour, Michael. “The Americanization of Hawaii.”


2000. Zucker, Alfred. “The History of Harvard University.”