Isacar Bolaños

Portrait of Isacar Bolanos wearing a suit and blue tieCredentials

Ph.D., History, Ohio State University, 2019

MA, Near Eastern Studies, University of Arizona, 2011

BA, History, University of California, San Diego, 2008

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Fields of Interest

Isacar Bolaños is an Assistant Professor of History at California State University, Long Beach. He specializes in the environmental history of the Ottoman Empire. His current book project, The Nature of Ottoman Iraq: Environmental Management at the Margins of Empire, 1831-1917, demonstrates how natural disasters, pandemics, and concerns over environmental management shaped Ottoman rule in the Iraqi frontier during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. At California State University, Long Beach, he offers courses on the history of the Middle East, environmental history, world history, and the history of medicine. Professor Bolaños is happy to advise students interested in doing research in any of these fields.


“The Ottomans during the Global Crises of Cholera and Plague: The View from Iraq and the Gulf,” International Journal of Middle East Studies 51 (4): 603-620.


HIST 301: Methodology of History (Fall 2020)

HIST 396: Contemporary World History (Fall 2020)

HIST 432: Change and Continuity in the Middle East (Fall 2020)

HIST 492: Proseminar in World History: Global Environmental History (Spring 2021)

HIST 510E: Seminar Literature of History: World History (Spring 2021)