Justin Gomer, Ph.D.

Justin Gomer, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor 

Ph.D., 2014, University of California, Berkely 

Contact Information:Dr. Gomer 1

Office: F02-105A
California State University, Long Beach 
1250 Bellflower Blvd., MS 1601
Long Beach, CA 90840-1601

Justin Gomer, Ph.D. is Assistant Professor of American Studies at California State University, Long Beach. He is also a regular contributor to Black Perspectives, published by the African American Intellectual History Society (AAIHS). In addition, his work appears in The Washington Post, Boston Review, Souls: A Critical Journal of Black Politic, Culture and Society, and YES! Magazine among others. Dr. Gomer earned his Ph.D. in African American Studies from the University of California, Berkeley. Prior to joining the faculty at CSULB, he taught in American Studies at UC Berkeley, where he received the 2016 American Cultures Innovation in Teaching Award.
His teaching and research focus on race and cultural history. His current book project, entitled, Colorblindness, A Life: The Political and Cultural Biography of An Ideology, offers an interdisciplinary biography of the racial project of colorblindness. 

AMST 142: Race and Hollywood 
AMST 300: Introduction to American Studies 
AMST 350: California Culture 
AMST 419: The Suburbs
AMST 498: Senior Seminar in American Studies

Selected Publications
Colorblindness, A Life: The Political and Cultural Biography of An Ideology. Book in Progress.

“They Should Have Called Katrina, ‘Gone with the Wind’: Charles Burnett’s Quiet As Kept and the Neoliberal Racial State.” Souls–A Critical Journal of Black Politics, Culture and Society. Vol. 19, No. 2, April-June 2017, pp. 162-176.

“Leave the Prejudice, Take the Power: Race in Hollywood in the 21st Century.” In Race Still Matters: African American Lived Experiences in the Twenty-First Century, ed. Yuya Kiuchi. SUNY Press, 2016, pp. 301-320.

“How the Reagan Administration Stoked Fears of Anti-White Discrimination.” The Washington Post. October 10, 2017. Co-Authored with Christopher Petrella.

“Reagan Used MLK Day to Undermine Racial Justice.” Boston Review. 16 January 2017. Co-authored with Christopher Petrella.

“White Fragility, Anti-Racist Pedagogy, and the Weight of History.” Black Perspectives. July 27, 2017. Co-authored with Christopher Petrella.  

“White Supremacy is Not An Illness.” Black Perspectives. 15 December 2016. Co-authored with Christopher Petrella. 

Republished by YES! Magazine on 17 August 2017.

Republished on Truthout on 19 December 2016.

“Black Protest, White Backlash and The History of Scientific Racism.” Black Perspectives. 5 October 2016. Co-authored with Christopher Petrella.

“The Rent Eats First: Fighting Gentrification in California.” Black Perspectives. May 2, 2017.

“Race and Civil Rights Dramas in Hollywood.” Black Perspectives. March 24, 2017.

“Hollywood and Diversity: Why This Year’s Oscars Matter.” Black Perspectives. February 14, 2017.