Oral History Program

Oral History Program

Contact Information

Ali F. Igmen, Ph.D., Program Director
Email: Ali.Igmen@csulb.edu
Office: FO2-116
Phone: (562) 985-8765

General Information

Housed in the Department of History, the program is designed to teach and train history students in the use of materials that focus on largely unwritten sources. Oral History at CSULB is an instructional program offering students an enhanced knowledge of the techniques and methodologies of oral information gathering and its uses in teaching and research. It also serves as an oral history resource for educational and community groups.

The Oral History Program was designed to aid students in their research, since oral history is important in the study of the human experience. History majors, musicologists and social science credential students with a history concentration, are urged to take the one-unit workshop. Students in these workshops learn how to design an oral history project, and to conduct interviews. Workshops are especially helpful for students interested in local history, the history of the family, and communities whose written records have not been included in traditional historical materials.

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