Adventures In Oral History

Adventures in Oral History: Using Oral History in the K-12 Classroom

General Information

Produced and Directed by Sherna Berger Gluck & Karen Harper

A Collaborative Project of California State University, Long Beach & Long Beach Unified School District, 1999

This video contains two different versions of the program:

The first and slightly longer program (approximately 35 minutes) is designed for teachers/trainers and includes an introduction with some classroom teachers and a tail end discussion by them. The bulk of the program is devoted to five (five minute) segments of 3rd to 11th graders either doing interviews or talking about their work.

The second, shorter program (approx. 30 minutes) is designed for showing to K-12 students and includes the same five segments with very brief introductions to each.

Information for Purchases

The video is available for a small handling and shipping charge ($15). Contact Sherna Berger Gluck via email or Karen Harper at (562) 439-9856.