Oral History Program – Classes

Oral History Program

Contact Information

Ali F. Igmen, Ph.D., Program Director
Email: Ali.Igmen@csulb.edu
Office: FO2-116
Phone: (562) 985-8765

General Information

  • 498O. Directed Studies in Oral History (1-3 units) with Dr. Ali Igmen
    This course is individually supervised research, with the topic to be determined by the student. Student conferences are scheduled on an individual basis.

Other courses with an oral history component:

  • 402. Oral History Methods (1 unit) Dr. Ali Igmen – To acquire basic skills and an understanding of the complex practical, theoretical and ethical issues surrounding the practice of oral history, this one-unit course is offered every semester in the history department. It begins the third week of the semester and meets for eight class sessions. Students must also conduct a mini research/field work project.
  • 301. Methodology of History (3 units) 

Oral history is one of the historical methodologies introduced in this class, required of all history majors, and students can elect to do an oral history project as part of the course requirement.

  • 473. California History (3 units) – In some sections of this course, oral history methodology is introduced and an oral history project is assigned