Arnold Springer

Arnold Springer

Professor Emeritus
Contact Information:
1666 Electric Ave.
Venice, California 90291

Arnold Springer (retired), Russian History, European Intellectual History, Methodology and Philosophy of History, Local History:

Living in Venice California.  Seventy-four years old. Retired from all academics and politics… national, regional and local.  “Still working on ‘Treasury of the History of Venice California’ in my up time” and working with Kristie French in building the Venice Collection in the CSULB Library’s Special Collections.

Lives with his wife Jian Yang of Gansu China. Son Yuri works for ‘Neon’ a non profit research organization in Boulder Colorado in the field of environmental biology.  Still great friends and partners with his first wife Jytte who is doing well and also still lives in Venice.

Happy to have contact with former students.  Contact by postal or E mail.