Periodicals and Newspapers

Primary Sources for Student Research

Collections of Materials at CSULB and Local Universities

CSULB Periodicals and Newspapers

On-Line Journals and periodicals available on CSULB library website

  • Historical Los Angeles Times
  • Historical New York Times
  • Historical Chicago Defender
  •  Early American Imprints, Series I: Evans, 1639-1800              
  • Early American Newspapers, 1690-1876          
  • Brepolis Medieval Bibliographies Online           
  • L’Année Philologique (Greek and Roman Antiquity)                
  • L’Année Philologique: A Critical and Analytical Bibliography of Greco-Latin Antiquity        
  • Readers’ Guide Retrospective                
  • Nineteenth Century Masterfile

Other Periodicals

American magazines:

  • Harper’s weekly; a journal of civilization, 1857-1900
  • The Ladies’ home journal, 1888-1961
  • The New-York mirror, and ladies’ literary gazette, 1824-30
  • Littell’s living age, 1844-96

British Magazines:

  • Putnam’s Monthly, 1853-57
  • Blackwood’s Edinburgh magazine, 1813-60
  • The European magazine, and London review, 1805
  • The Pageant, 1896-97
  • Vanity fair, 1870-71
  • Gentleman’s Magazine, 1734-1820, the first widely-sold general magazine; also on microfilm and on-line.