Center Staff and Advisory Board

Center Staff:

Mihir Pandya

Director of The Yadunandan Center for India Studies, Lecturer, Department of Anthropology

Mihir Pandya is the associate director of The Yadunandan Center for India Studies. His research and teaching interests include cultures of science and technology, knowledge and expertise, security and infrastructure, diversity and generation in the United States and in India.

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Faculty Advisory Board:

Norbert Schürer

Professor, Department of English 

Norbert Schürer’s research interests include 18th-century British literature, book history, women’s writing, the Anglo-Indian encounters, and the digital humanities. 

Pravina Cooper

Lecturer, Department of World Literature

Pravina Cooper teaches in the Comparative World Literature and Classics Department at CSULB. Her teaching interests include genres in film and theatre, critical theory, and transnational literature. 

Jyotsna Pattnaik

Professor, Department of Teacher Education

Jyotsna Pattnaik research interests include multicultural and international and early childhood education. She is also a board member of the Los Angeles chapter of Pratham (an international NGO that focuses on education in India) and is deeply vested in teacher training efforts in India.

image of pia gupta in front of CSULB Pryamid

Pia Gupta

Associate Professor, Chair of the Department of Finance 

Pia Gupta is the Chair of the Department of Finance. Her most recent publications include: “How Are Stock Repurchases Being Used? A long-term Study”, Banking and Finance Review, May-2019 and “The Learning Experience Continues Two Decades and Counting for CSULB’s SMIF Program”, Managerial Finance, Jan-2019.


Moyang Li

Associate Professor, Department of English

Dr. Moyang Li is currently an assistant professor in the English Department and will be teaching Appreciation of Literature this fall. Her work emphasizes on postcolonial literature and women’s writing. She’s also interested in exploring the relationship between literature and the sciences.


Preethi Sharma

Associate Professor, Department of American Studies

Dr. Preeti Sharma is Assistant Professor of American Studies at California State University, Long Beach. Her work makes intellectual and activist interventions in our understandings of a globalized Los Angeles, gender, immigration, and labor. Dr. Sharma is also one of the editors of the forthcoming book, The Auntie Sewing Squad Guide to Mask Making, Radical Care, and Racial Justice (University of California Press, 2021).


Barbara Grossman-Thompson

Associate Professor, Department of International Studies 

Barbara Grossman-Thompson’s research focuses on the political economy of contemporary South Asia. Her main areas of inquiry include the gendered organization of labor in South Asia and the implications of development in the Himalayan region, with an emphasis on Nepal. 

Praveen Soni

Praveen Soni

Professor, Department of Marketing 

Praveen Soni teaches in the Department of Marketing. He is the former chair of the faculty senate and represents CSULB at the state faculty senate. 

Jeet Joshee

Dean of the College of Continuing Professional Education

Jeet Joshee directs all international education programs at CSULB. He is also the Associate Vice President for International Education and Global Engagement. As Associate Vice President, Dr. Joshee is the Chief International Officer of the University. In this role, he advises the President and Provost to establish strategic international partnerships. 

Rajbir Judge

Rajbir Singh Judge

Assistant Professor, Department of History

Rajbir Singh Judge teaches in the Department of History. He specializes in the cultural and intellectual history of South Asia, with a particular emphasis on the Punjab region.