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International Studies students are curious global citizens who want to make their mark on the world.  The major program provides them with the tools and guidance to focus their interests and accomplish their goals. We prepare CSULB graduates for good jobs in fields like non-profit work, international development, international affairs, international trade and business, education, and law.

International Studies helps students develop strong analytical abilities while teaching them how to integrate a wide variety of disciplinary methods, language competencies, and cross-cultural understandings into the study of global issues. Advisors work closely with students to help guide them in a way that is sensitive to their personal constraints (economic, family, visa, AB540), while also pushing students to their maximum potential. As a result, IST graduates have success in graduate school admissions and enter the workforce with skill sets that employers value.

International Studies faculty are dedicated to protecting all students and promoting the diversity, pluralism, and inclusiveness of our campus. To this end, International Studies is committed to providing a Safe Space for students in need.  

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OPEN PERIOD: Retention, Tenure, and Promotion of Faculty

August 28, 2020 – September 18, 2020

Faculty, students, academic administrators, and the President may contribute information to the evaluation of a faculty unit employee. Information submitted by the faculty unit employee and academic administrators may include statements and opinions about qualifications and work of the candidate by other persons identified by name. Letters or memoranda that contain statements of opinion or allegations of fact by unnamed persons cannot be accepted. All information must be emailed to the Department Chair ( with a copy to the candidate by September 18, 2020 for candidates for reappointment, tenure, or tenure and simultaneous promotion.

Yousef Baker (Tenure & Promotion to Associate Professor)
Laura Ceia (Promotion to Professor)
Caitlin Fouratt (Tenure & Promotion to Associate Professor)
Jolene McCall (Reappointment)
Kimberly Walters (Tenure & Promotion to Associate Professor)