Dr. Richard R. Marcus

Richard R. Marcus, Professor and Director, The Global Studies Institute and the International Studies Program

Office – F02-205

Phone – (562) 985-4714



Courses taught

I/ST 100 (Global Citizenship), I/ST 200 (Introduction to International Studies), I/ST 222 (Skills and Methods in Global Leadership),  I/ST 319 (International Development), I/ST 317 (International Social Conflict), I/ST 350 (Water: People, Politics, and Processes), I/ST 419 (Applied International Development), I/ST 490 (Senior Seminar in International Studies), MAIA 600 (International Affairs Cornerstone), MAIA 625 (Applied International Development)


Prof. Richard R. Marcus

Richard R. Marcus is Professor of International Studies and Founding Director of the Global Studies Institute and the MA in International Affairs at California State University, Long Beach.  As Director of The Global Studies Institute, he has led the creation of over a dozen project areas focusing on research, faculty development, and implementation of international content across curricula.  As a scholar, Prof. Marcus has conducted research in Madagascar since 1992 as well as additional field research in Kenya, Israel, Uganda, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Guatemala.  His research focuses on the relationships between macro-political institutional change, popular perceptions, and political economic change across sectors.  He is author of The Politics of Institutional Failure in Madagascar’s Third Republic (Rowman Littlefield/Lexington in 2016) and four dozen other publications and white papers.  His current book project is entitled Ungoverned Microspaces and the Art of Violence.  Prof. Marcus has been a PI or Co-PI on approximately $3mill in grants and has been a consultant or advisor for the World Bank, SSRC Conflict Prevention and Peace Forum/UN Department of Political Affairs, United Nations Development Program, and other international organizations.