Statement of Support and Unity From The CSULB International Studies Faculty

The International Studies Faculty stands together with their students who are against white supremacy. We decry the regular and repeated instances of police officers and their affiliates perpetrating violence and murder against black and brown people. We stand against a society that denies black and brown people the same levels of safety, economic and educational opportunities, health and healthcare, housing, and services as white people. We offer solidarity to the protestors who are rising up against centuries of trauma and oppression. We voice with them our condemnation of the ongoing brutality–both overt and subtle–and we call for an end to the system that makes it possible. We state unequivocally that black and brown lives do matter and must be made to matter to those that disregard and disrespect them. To our students, we urge you to be safe and thoughtful as you express yourselves. We are so proud of you. You inspire us every day with your work to right the wrongs of this world. You have our deepest respect.