Study Abroad requirements

Study Abroad

General Requirements for study abroad programs

  • AT LEAST 1 semester of study abroad
  • An official program at a university,
  • Related to your regional concentration and, ideally, language.


Choosing a program

The I/ST program highly encourages students to choose academic year-long programs because research shows that they have significantly greater outcomes in terms of student learning and life impact.

In any case, you should look for a program that meets YOUR needs as an I/ST major.

There are a number of different study abroad programs available to CSULB students and the Center for International Education (CIE) is your best gateway to learning about these. Once you have a few ideas, make an appointment with the I/ST study abroad advisor to discuss your plans.

Types of programs:

  • CSU IP Programs (Academic Year): Check out the website, where you can find different programs as well as commonly offered courses. Go to “Admitted Students” and the “IP Bulletin” to see courses offered at the various programs around the world.
  • CSULB One semester programs and partner programs: These are one semester CSULB programs or programs with 3rd party partner organizations.
  • Independent programs:  You can always do some research to find other programs that interest you. However, be aware that in many of these cases, your financial aid may not travel with you.
  • Summer Programs or Faculty-Led Programs: For the most part, summer programs or short-term faculty led programs do NOT fulfill the I/ST study abroad requirement. Under special circumstances, a summer intensive language program lasting at least ten weeks may be acceptable.


Before You Go

CIE and I/ST Requirements

Meet with I/ST Study abroad advisor to review possible courses, plans for when you return. Have her sign off on Pre-Departure Credit Transfer forms

Funding your Study Abroad

Meet with the Financial Aid Office If you believe you will be eligible for financial aid during your semester or year abroad, visit the Financial Aid office (BH-101) to determine how/if aid can apply to the abroad programs you like.

More information on financing study abroad and available scholarships can be found here. The IP Programs also have additional scholarships that you can look into.

Preparing for your trip (under construction)


While You’re Abroad

Stay in touch!

Keep in touch with the department while you’re abroad! If you have any course changes, be sure to alert the I/ST study abroad advisor and consult with her about changing courses to make sure they will count towards the I/ST major when you return.

But don’t just stay in touch about courses! Let us know how you’re doing and especially if you run into any unforeseen complications, major problems, or difficult situations.

Keep a journal

This will be the basis for your work in I/ST 492 when you return. It will also help you to process your experience and record memories. Some students prefer a physical journal, others prefer to blog about their experiences and share their writing with family and friends

Enjoy your trip!!


After You Return

Transcripts and credit

Once your transcripts have been uploaded to your CSULB records, make an appointment with the I/ST study abroad advisor to make sure the courses are counted towards the major

I/ST 492

Complete this course after you return to campus. The course is designed to help you process your experience, incorporate it into your I/ST major, and link it to your professional goals. The course is credit/no-credit. Students will write several critical reflections on their experiences, participate in writing and professionalization workshops, and give a public presentation about their experience to other CSULB students.