Golden Globe Foundation Internship Equity Awards

The Department of Journalism & Public Relations is pleased to announce the Internship Equity Scholarship Awards. Twelve JPR internship students will receive $1,500 each this spring, thanks to a donation from the Golden Globe Foundation. The awards are designed to provide financial assistance to students pursuing academic internships essential to enter and succeed in mass communication careers.

The Department of Journalism & Public Relations would like to thank all of our highly qualified and enthusiastic applicants and the Golden Globe Foundation for their partnership in this program.  We are proud to announce the Spring 2022 scholarship winners:

Mark Sovel JOUR
Brenda Melara PR
Alyssa Caneles PR
Tiara White JOUR
Ashley Ramos JOUR
Janyssa Calderon JOUR
Bruno Lopez-Vega JOUR
Susan Lopez PR
Mitzi Vazquez JOUR
Guadalupe Hernandez PR
Sebastian Perez JOUR
Rocio Valdez PR