Internship Profiles

Internships are vital to career success in mass communications professions in the 21st century.  Professionals encourage students to get as many internships as possible before they graduate to gain knowledge, build skills and make valuable connections with mentors and decision makers.  Check out the profiles below to learn how previous JPR students landed their amazing internships.  Click on the picture or name to read JPR student internship highlights and how internships directly benefited their careers.

Elizabeth Campos Fitch, 2018
New York Times



Analeeza Sanchez2018
Kaiser Permanente


Pablo Chacon2018
KTLA Channel 5, Los Angeles

Asjia Garner2019
Warner Bros.


Alfonso Madrigal2018
The Long Beach College Promise


Bianca Renovato2017
E! News

Gustavo Ortega, 2017
CNN Deportes

CNN Deportes Intern

Anthony Lim, 2018
Beachcomber Newspaper

Beachcomber Intern


Brennon Dixson2017
Chips Quinn Scholar
Long Beach Press Telegram