Bianca Renovato

RenovatoClass of 2017
Major: Journalism
E! News Production Intern

1. How did you apply for this internship?

I applied on the company website 6 months prior to being considered (

2. What were your daily tasks?

I would gather assets for E! News and Live from E which consisted of printing scripts, downloading videos for day of air and logging show clips, attending red carpet premieres, shadowing field producers and noting interviews.

3. What skills were needed for this position? And do you think CSULB prepared you for it?

A strong sense of urgency, passion for pop culture, research skills, and knowledge of iNews. I think CSULB helped me have an idea of what working in the field was like. I think that there is nothing more valuable that hands on experience because you get to see if this is something worth having a career in. My TV production class helped me get used to a program at E! That was similar to what I worked on a regular basis.

4. What was the highlight of your internship?

The highlight of my internship was going to junkets and red carpets. I love getting to see celebrities up close. It was fun and I saw that this was something I could see myself doing in the long run. I got to network a lot by the end of my internship.

5. How do you think this internship benefitted your career?

I got to network and get myself recognized by people who worked at E! That eventually led me to be hired on for 6 months as a production assistant at Daily Pop.