Public Relations

The Department of Journalism & Public Relations offers undergraduate programs that prepare students for careers in journalism, public relations and other media, editorial and storytelling related industries. Students take courses that provide both a strong theoretical foundation and real-life, hands-on training in the skills they need to pursue careers in mass communications.  Public relations graduates become public relations professionals in corporations, nonprofit organizations, and communication firms and specialize in employee relations, media relations, community relations, multicultural relations, consumer relations, marketing communications, public affairs, and special event management. In their classes, public relations students learn how to use both traditional and digital forms of media, including social media, to communicate with target audiences. Advanced students become skilled in strategic planning and campaign development.  The department offers two academic programs in public relations: A Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations (48 units) and a Minor in Public Relations (18 units).

Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations

Minor in Public Relations