Marissa Gomez – London – Spring 2015

Marissa Gomez“Some of my best memories from my time in London come from my decision to do a home stay. The North London house I lived in was so cozy and my house “mum” made me and my roommates feel so welcomed. She really took care of us and shared great tips about where to visit in and out of the city. She played a huge role in making my trip the best it could be. We still keep in touch over Facebook.

There are so many ways I can connect my study abroad experience to my career and to my personal life. Specifically in my job as a PR professional, I work a lot with international members of media. My study abroad experience gives me many topics of conversation to connect and build relationships with these journalists. Personally, studying abroad helped me learn to be very independent, manage my time well and experience different cultures to make me a better educated and more well-rounded person.”