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Internships are often the gateways to successful careers in journalism, public relations and other communications fields because they offer students opportunities to gain experience, sharpen skills and build professional networks. Yet many students don’t know where to start when it comes to internships or they find it difficult to make the time for these career enhancing and potentially life changing experiences. JPR Internship Week is designed to get students ready for JOUR 498: Internship, a requirement for all majors, as well as offer inspiration, ideas and career success tips from JPR professionals and recent JPR grads who kickstarted their skyrocketing careers with internships.  If you have any questions, contact Dan Olsen for more information.

All Sessions 11:00AM-12:00PM

Tuesday, November 30 Opening Career Doors Through Interning, Networking and Mentoring

Robert Meeks – Los Angeles Times


Mariana Vaca – The Walt Disney Company


Yunsun Wee – Microsoft

Robert Meeks, Senior Director, Video; Los Angeles Times

Mariana Vaca, Associate Manager, Public Affairs & Communications; The Walt Disney Company

Yunsun Wee, Communications Director, Industry + Business Applications; Microsoft

Getting an internship will help you build skills and meet JPR degree requirements, but one of the most important and often overlooked aspects about internships is their relationship building potential. Have you ever heard of the phrase, “It’s who you know?” Robert Meeks (Los Angeles Times), Mariana Vaca (Disney), and Yunsun Wee (Microsoft) will offer tips on how to get in front of and get to know decision-makers and other key players in the fields of your dreams. They will talk about internship programs at their organizations and what students can do during internships to ensure they build valuable knowledge, skills, and connections that could lead to positive references and potential job offers.

Wednesday, December 1 From Internships to Employment: Recent JPR Grad Success Stories

Aaron Espinosa (2016) – Insomniac Games


Elizabeth Campos Fitch (2018) – NBCUniversal


Byeol Yeo (2016) – Sampson Public Relations Group

Aaron Espinosa (Class of 2016), Senior Community Manager; Insomniac Games

Elizabeth Campos Fitch (Class of 2018), Digital Editor; NBCUniversal

Byeol Yeo (Class of 2016), Account Director; Sampson Public Relations Group

Have you ever wondered how someone got a cool internship or job? Recent JPR grads Aaron Espinosa (2016) (Internships: JPR Department Intern), Elizabeth Campos Fitch (2018) (Internships: NBCUniversal Telemundo, NBCUniversal Media, New York Times Student Journalism Institute) and Byeol Yeo (2016) (Internships: Sullivan & Sampson, JPR Department Intern) will share how they found, secured and succeeded at internships that provided key learning and networking experiences and led to pivotal early career employment opportunities.  They will talk about what they did as interns to stand out, and they will share tips on what you can do as a student and intern to set yourself up for success after graduation.

Thursday, December 2 Preparing for JOUR 498: Internship
Emma Daugherty

Dr. Emma Daugherty

Emma Daugherty, Professor and JOUR 498 Instructor of Record

This session is designed to get students ready for JOUR 498: Internship, whether they’re seniors enrolled in JOUR 498 this spring or new transfer, first-year or sophomore students. JOUR 498 Instructor of Record Professor Emma Daugherty will explain the nuts and bolts of JOUR 498—a class that generates the most questions from students and is a degree requirement for all JPR majors.  She will also address how the pandemic has affected internships, and there will be plenty of time for student questions about JOUR 498.

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