Mission, Values and Strategic Priorities

Mission and Values
The mission of the department is to educate and prepare students for successful careers in journalism, public relations and related fields. We provide learning opportunities covering theories, concepts, skills and technologies that help students become adaptable and ethical professionals and responsible, engaged and informed citizens.  This mission is guided by the following values:

1) The work of journalists, public relations practitioners and other fact-based communicators is a public good essential for democracies to function well.

2) The principles of accuracy, fairness and transparency are crucial to ethical, high-quality professional communicator practice.

3) Critical thinking, written, visual and digital communication, storytelling and innovation are the foundations for meaningful educational experiences designed to reflect the dynamic media ecosystem.

4) Diversity is a strength in classrooms and media professions and respect for people with diverse backgrounds is demonstrated through opportunity, inclusivity and representation.

JPR 2030:  Strategic Priorities
Maintain currency with changes in journalism, public relations and other fact-based media, storytelling and editorial professions, and be proactive to ensure those changes are reflected in our curricula and program offerings. 

Strategize, advocate for and receive more resources needed to meet student demand, develop curricula, support faculty development and research, nurture and advance student media and clubs, reflect technological advancements in media professions and higher education, and meet accreditation standards.

Enhance and maintain connections between the program and professionals in surrounding communities through internships, social media, alumni relations, mentoring programs and other activities.

Advance the department’s commitment to diversity by increasing inclusivity and representation in classes, faculty and extra-curricular opportunities such as JPR Day, student media and student clubs.