Alumni News & Profiles

Alumni News & Profiles

Our alumni live and work all over the world. We encourage alumni to stay in touch and send us their news!

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Ibrahim Alluhaybi
Preferred email:
Areas of (professional) interest: Pragmatics, Computational Linguistics, Psycholinguist
Link to a professional page/website:
Hometown: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Languages: Arabic, English
Education: Ph.D in Linguistics, University of Texas at Arlington


Pedro Castro Jr (he/him)

Website: Pedro J. Castro, M.A.Ed. 
Languages: English and Spanish
Interest Areas: Educational Technology and Teaching English as a Second Language

Esra Eldem2

Esra Eldem (she/her)

Languages: Turkish (native), English (proficient), German (intermediate)
Interest Areas: Psycholinguistics, Morphological and Syntactic Processing, First and Second Language Acquisition, Language Attrition, Heritage Speakers


Kirsten Hernandez (she/her/ella)

Languages: English, American Sign Language
Interest Areas: Signed language linguistics, language policy, late first language acquisition

Langdon Holmes

Langdon Holmes (he/him)

Languages: English, Spanish (proficient), French (intermediate)
Interest Areas: Formulaic Language, Learner Feedback, Dynamic Assessment, Lexical Decision Tasks, Corpus Methods, and Chilean Spanish

Juan Rosas

Juan Rosas (he/him)

Website: @Juan_LunaDD
Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian
Interest Areas: Linguistic Anthropology, Language and Race, Mexican-American communities, Brazil

Mara Smith

Mara Smith 

Languages: English, Spanish (intermediate)
Interest Areas: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Hannah Ngo

Hannah Ngo

Languages: English, Vietnamese, Spanish

Cassie Pham

Cassandra (Cassie) Pham (she/her)

Languages: Vietnamese, English, Chinese Mandarin
Interest Areas:  Linguistics, Computational Linguistics, Technology, Productivity, Arts


Michael Valentekovic

Languages: Russian, Croatian, French, German, Spanish
Interest Areas: Computational Linguistics, Language and Music, Phonology, Phonetics, Language Processing