Dr. Wendy Klein

Dr. Wendy L. Klein

Photograph Information

Title: Associate Professor
Office: PSY 407
Office Hours: Wednesday: 2:00-4:00pm (via Zoom)
Phone: (562) 985-8828 
E-mail: Wendy.Klein@csulb.edu 


Ph.D. in Anthropology; University of California, Los Angeles, 2007
M.A. in East Asian Studies; Stanford University, 1990
B.A. in Religion; Middlebury College, 1987

Teaching/Research Interests:

Wendy Klein is a linguistic anthropologist who draws from interdisciplinary approaches to studying language, culture, and social interaction. Her research projects include: language socialization and the semiotics of belonging among Punjabi Sikh youth; narrative constructions of religious identification in Punjabi Sikh families; and bilingual practices of youth with autism in Japanese immigrant families in the U.S.  In her courses she takes a social justice perspective toward investigating a range of issues situated at the intersection of language and culture. 

Geographic areas: Japan, N. India, U.S.   Methodological approaches: ethnography, discourse and narrative analysis, conversation analysis.

Courses Taught:

LING/ANTH 170: Introduction to Linguistics
ANTH 412: Culture and Communication
LING/ANTH 413: Language and Culture
ANTH 418: Methods in Linguistic Anthropology
LING 425/ANTH 421: Education Across Cultures
LING 472: Language and Social Justice 
LING 477: Language Socialization
ANTH 510: Proseminar
LING 533/ANTH 530: Ethnography of Communication
LING 540: Sociolinguistics

Selected Publications

2021. Managing trouble spots in conversation: Other-initiated repair elicitations produced by a bilingual youth with autism. Pragmatics 31(2): 225-249.

2020. Shaping Sikh youth subjectivities in a US Gurdwara: The discursive socialization of religious heritage in Sikh history classes. In Matthew Burdelski and Kathryn Howard (Eds.), Language Socialization in Classrooms, pp. 49 – 70. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.

2018. Book Review: Anthropological Perspectives on Children as Helpers, Workers, Artisans, and Laborers by David F. Lancy. American Anthropologist, 120 (3): 623-624.

2015. Responding to Bullying: Language Socialization and Religious Identification in Classes for Sikh Youth. Journal of Language, Identity and Education, 14 (1):19-35.

2013 Heritage Language Socialization and Language Ideologies in a Sikh Education Program. Heritage Language Journal, 10 (1): 36-50.

2013 Housework: Collaboration and Conflict (with Carolina Izquierdo). In E. Ochs & T. Kremer-Sadlik (eds.), Fast Forward Family: Home, Work, and Relationships in Middle Class America, pp. 94-111. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press. Also appeared in The Atlantic online.

2013 Children and Chores in Working Families (with Marjorie Harness Goodwin). In E. Ochs & T. Kremer-Sadlik (eds.), Fast Forward Family: Home, Work, and Relationships in Middle Class America. pp. 111-130. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press.

2010 Interactional modalities within the division of household labor: an ethnographic study among Italian and U.S. families. (with Francesco Arcidiacono, Carolina Izquierdo, and Thomas N. Bradbury. Rivista di psicolinguistica applicata. (Journal of Applied Psycholinguistics), Vol X(1-2):85-105.

2010 Children and Chores: A Mixed-Methods Study of Children’s Household Work in Los Angeles Families (with Anthony P. Graesch and Carolina Izquierdo). Anthropology of Work Review, 30(3) December: 98-109. 

2010 Indian American Family Life. In Huping Ling and Allan W. Austin (eds.), Asian American History and Culture: An Encyclopedia. Armonk, NY: M.E. Sharpe.

2008. Turban Narratives: Discourses of Identity and Difference among Punjabi Sikh Families in Los Angeles. In A. Reyes & A. Lo (Eds.) Toward a Linguistic Anthropology of Asian Pacific America. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 

2007. Klein, Wendy, Izquierdo, Carolina, and Thomas N. Bradbury. Working relationships: Communicative patterns and strategies among couples in everyday life. Qualitative Research in Psychology, 4:29-47.

Professional Activities, Awards, & Affiliations:

  • CSULB CLA Research & Creative Activities (RSCA) (2015-2022).
  • UCLA Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (2007-2009).
  • UCLA Dissertation Year Fellowship (2006-2007).
  • Member of the American Anthropological Association, Society for Linguistic Anthropology, The Council on Anthropology and Education, The International Pragmatics Association, and the Society for Psychological Anthropology.