General Education

Tips for Linguists on General Education

CSULB is currently transitioning to a new GE system. Some Linguistics majors are under the old system, while others are under the new system. Be sure to run your Academic Requirements Report (in MyCSULB) to check which GEs you personally need. The following LING courses count towards GE under each pattern:

Course Fall 2012-Spring 2018 GE pattern Fall 2019 GE pattern
LING 101 D3 and Global Issues D3
LING 329 E or Capstone UD-D
LING 424   UD-B
LING 363 D3 or Capstone; plus Writing Intensive UD-D and Writing Intensive
LING 425/ ANTH 421 Capstone and Human Diversity  
LING 472 Capstone and Writing Intensive UD-D and Writing Intensive
courses taken for language requirement usually C2, C3 usually C2, C3