Alumni Spotlight: Emma Björngard-Basayne

Dr. Emma Björngard-Basayne, BA in Philosophy ’13

Emma is an Adjunct Professor of Philosophy at the University of Connecticut’s Stamford campus and an Academic Advisor in the UConn School of Business. She earned her BA in Philosophy at CSULB in 2013. As an undergraduate student, she was inspired to pursue philosophy at the graduate level after taking classes with Dr. Nellie Wieland and Dr. Lawrence Nolan, whose passion for the field was obvious not only in their teaching methods, but also in the countless hours they spent answering Emma’s questions during office hours. She received her MA and PhD in Philosophy from UConn in 2015 and 2018, and her dissertation was entitled An Embodiment Constraint on Theories of Affect. Emma also received an MS in Counselor Education with a Specialization in Student Development in Higher Education from Central Connecticut State University in 2018. Currently, her research interests include the role of women’s friendships in navigating male-dominated work environments, and she thinks of her career mission as empowering students to explore who they are as individuals, challenge assumptions, and to always keep asking questions. At this time Emma lives in New Haven, CT with her husband and fluffy ragdoll cat Jasper.