FA19 PHIL403

Medical Ethics (PHIL403)
Christa Johnson
Mondays & Wednesdays  ·  9:30am–10:45am  ·  ED2–158

In this course, we will explore the major ethical issues confronting the practices of medicine and biomedical science. We will begin by considering contemporary theoretical approaches to addressing ethical dilemmas in medicine. From there, we will turn to the relationship between health care providers and patients. We will address issues concerning the relationship itself, confidentiality, truth telling, paternalism, autonomy, and informed consent. Finally, we will address particular ethical issues that arise from the decision to have a child through the decision to end a life. Issues include genetic engineering, abortion, experimentation on humans, justice in healthcare, allocation of scarce medical resources, decision-making for incompetent patients, and physician-assisted suicide.

Note also that PHIL403 satisfies GE requirement in both C2 and F subcategories.