Minor in Philosophy

Minor in Philosophy

The minor in philosophy provides a highly flexible program of study for any student majoring in a different discipline, but who is interested in philosophy as a foundation for later intellectual pursuits, or for developing skills, or simply out of interest. Students can shape the minor to their particular interests and needs.

Double-counting General Education Coursework

Students can take up to 24 units of GE courses in Philosophy; 18 of these can be double-counted as the Minor in Philosophy.

Minor Requirements

The Minor in Philosophy consists of 18 units. There are no required courses for the minor, and no area or distribution requirements to fulfill. The number of lower-division courses that can be counted, however, is subject to the following constraint:

No more than nine units from the following list of lower-division philosophy courses (100- and 200-levels) can be counted toward the minor; of those nine units, up to three units can come from 100-level philosophy courses:

PHIL100: Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL101: The Meaning of Life
PHIL160: Ethics and Society

PHIL170: Critical Reasoning
PHIL203: History of Early Western Philosophy

PHIL204: History of Modern Western Philosophy

PHIL261: Philosophy and Film

PHIL270: Symbolic Logic

Any/all upper-division philosophy courses (300- and 400-levels) can count toward the required 18 units.


For more information about pursuing the Minor in Philosophy, please contact:

Prof. Nellie Wieland
Department Chair & Undergraduate Advisor
Department of Philosophy (MHB–906)
California State University Long Beach
1250 Bellflower Boulevard
Long Beach CA, 90840–2408 USA
Phone: 562–985–4331
E-mail: nellie.wieland@csulb.edu