FA20 PHIL330

Philosophy of Religion (PHIL 330)
Prof. Lawrence Nolan
Mondays and Wednesdays  ·  12:30pm–1:45pm  ·  LA5–149

Philosophy of Religion studies the concepts, methods, and practices of religion with the aim of clarifying and, in some cases, critiquing them. Topics for this course will likely include the following:

  1. Arguments for (and against) the existence of God
  2. The problem of evil
  3. The relation between the divine attributes (are they consistent?)
  4. How to understand particular divine attributes such as eternity and simplicity
  5. How to talk meaningfully about God’s incomprehensibility
  6. Does divine foreknowledge preclude human freedom?

Course requirements will consist of two take-home essays and a final exam. There will also be an option for extra credit.  Regular participation in class will be strongly encouraged.

I welcome inquiries about the course:  Lawrence.Nolan@csulb.edu