PHIL400 / CBA400 SP23

Business Ethics (PHIL400)
Dr. Alysha Kassam
Mondays & Wednesdays  ·  3:30pm–4:45pm  ·  LA5–246

Business ethics is the philosophical study of the ethical dimensions of productive organizations and commercial activities. The subject matter of business ethics is important and relevant since we all engage in commercial transactions daily. This course will raise ethical questions both internal and external to business organizations as they arise in our globalized economy. We will consider various important ethical questions pertaining to competitive markets and corporate responsibility, economic justice and consumer rights, the use and protection of information, employee rights and corporate responsibilities, affirmative action, and environmental responsibility.


  • This course is cross-listed with CBA400, and satisfies the requirement for students in the College of Business.
  • This course satisfies multiple GE categories: Upper-division C or Upper-division D