FA22 PHIL425/525

Prof. Kyle Banick

Mondays & Wednesdays  ·  3:30pm–4:45pm  ·  PH1–112

Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889–1951) is widely considered one of the most significant, original, and influential philosophers of the 20th century. Indeed, anyone trying to get a grip on the currents of 20th-century philosophy and beyond would do well to study Wittgenstein’s contribution. This course will be an intensive study of Wittgenstein’s major works (Tractatus Logico-PhilosophicusPhilosophical Investigations) from his early and middle periods. Students will be introduced to the landscape of the vigorous secondary literature in which the interpretation of Wittgenstein is problematized. However, we shall not fuss too much over that. Rather, our main focus will be to try to get a command on Wittgenstein’s attempts to draw himself to the very outermost limits of thought.