SP21 WGSS455/PHIL455

Philosophical Perspectives on Sex and Love (WGSS455/PHIL455)
Instructor: Shira Tarrant
Mondays & Wednesdays  ·  11:00am–12:15pm  ·  online

This course surveys a variety of political and philosophical perspectives on sex and love. The overarching theme highlights the ways in which power, domination, subjugation, liberation, and resistance are played out through sexuality and our most intimate relationships. We will also give focused attention to how private desire becomes fodder for spectacle and public politics. Students will study provocative—and sometimes controversial—topics. These issues are culturally and often personally relevant, especially at this particular juncture in our political landscape. Topics include moral panic, sexual desire, pornography, dating, love, hooking up, policing sex and gender, and #MeToo. Along with surveying key debates about these and other issues, this course is aimed at improving critical thinking and written communication. This course provides opportunities for you to apply philosophical ideas about sex and love to everyday life.

This course is cross-listed with WGSS455.