Pre-Law Curriculum

Pre-Law Curriculum

The Department of Philosophy offers multiple courses that provide important and useful Pre-Law preparation to interested undergraduates. Together, these courses emphasize the development of skills in logical reasoning and argumentation, in linguistic and ethical analysis, and in clear and precise communication.

Pre-Law Courses

All Philosophy courses emphasize oral discussion and well-reasoned writing, both of which are absolutely essential and non-negotiable for careers in law. However, the Department also offers several courses of special interest to students interested in the law. These include:

PHIL351: Political Philosophy (3): Analysis of fundamental political concepts such as the legitimacy of government, the relation of justice to coercive power, the morality of war, political obligation, and sovereignty; and/or a study of political ideologies such as socialism, classical liberalism, and conservatism.

PHIL352I: Philosophy of Law (3): Study of the historical development of the philosophy of law and examination of the problems in the field ranging from general theories to analysis of fundamental legal concepts and normative issues. (Majors receive General Education credit for an Interdisciplinary IC/capstone course, as well as credit toward the major. Non-majors receive General Education credit for an Interdisciplinary course and for an upper-division C2b “Philosophy” course.)

PHIL451. Liberty and Justice: Race, Ethnicity, and Gender in American Law (3): Philosophical and legal analysis of how liberty and justice for different races, ethnic groups, and genders have been treated in American law. (Majors receive General Education credit for a Human Diversity course and an Interdisciplinary IC/Capstone course, as well as credit toward the major. Non-majors receive General Education credit for a Human Diversity course and an Interdisciplinary course and an upper-division C2b “Philosophy” course.) Prerequisites: upper-division standing (junior standing required; senior standing recommended); six units of philosophy or consent of instructor.

PHIL489: Philosophy Internship/Pre-Law (3–6): Internship with private organizations and governmental agencies with law-related focus. Recent internships have been completed at the California Coastal Commission, the Orange County Public Defenders’ Office, the Orange County Bar Foundation, and various private firms. Work is done under the joint supervision of the program sponsor and CSULB Philosophy Pre-Law Advisor. A mid-term and final report and internship conferences are required. Grading: Credit/No-Credit. Prerequisites: completion of a minimum of 15 upper-division units required for the Philosophy major.

Students are encouraged to take the following course from the College of Liberal Arts:

CLA 394 A/B/C: Law School Readiness (can be taken for 1–3 units): (A) “Preparing for Law School and a Legal Career,” (B) “Becoming a Successful Law School Applicant,” (C) “Law School Admissions and Financial Aid”)

Philosophy majors interested in the law are also encouraged to enroll in the Legal Studies Certificate program. Note that some of the requirements for the Legal Studies Certificate will double-count toward the Philosophy major.

Choice of Major

Law schools do not recommend any particular major for admission. In particular, the American Bar Association (in Law as a Career) states:

An undergraduate should be aware that there is no particular course of study that is required or preferred by law schools. Accordingly, students from a wide variety of majors (e.g., Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Engineering, and Business) are admitted to law schools each year. There is no true pre-law curriculum. Generally, a broad-based education that is rigorous and that stresses analytical and verbal communication skills will be useful.

Law School Admissions Test (LSAT)

Philosophy majors consistently outperform nearly all other majors on the LSAT, both nationally and internationally.

However, because admission to law school is highly competitive, there is no easy path to success. Good students who develop skills in the comprehension and analysis of complex material through the study of Philosophy and a strong GE program can position themselves to compete with the best.


For more information about pursuing the Pre-Law emphasis, please contact

Prof. Nellie Wieland
Department Chair & Pre-Law Advisor
Department of Philosophy (MHB–906)
California State University Long Beach
1250 Bellflower Boulevard
Long Beach CA, 90840–2408 USA
Phone: 562–985–4331


Our Philosophy majors and minors have been accepted at many outstanding law schools. The table below gives a sample of these placements. (Please contact the department with any news or updates.) For additional placements, see Faculty Emerita Julie van Camp’s page on prelaw placements

Year Student Placement Current Position
2021–2022 Cassidy Hutton (BA) JD, University of California Irvine  
2020–2021 Faris Babineaux (BA) JD, University of Texas A & M  
2019–2020 Luciano Alvarado (BA) JD, University of California Irvine Sheppard Mullin LLP
2014–2015 Celia Guzman (BA) JD, University of California, Hastings Hanson Bridgett LLP
2014–2015 Wade Price (BA) JD, Whittier Law School  
2013–2014 Rob Garsson (BA) JD, Northwestern Pritzker School of Law Sidley Austin LLP
2013–2014 Zien Halwani (BA) JD, St. John’s University Kibler Fowler & Cave LLP
2012–2013 Neil Richmond (MA) JD, Loyola Law School Ernst & Young
2011–2012 Tessa Nevarez (BA) JD, University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law Van Dermyden & Maddux
2010–2011 Kristopher Gay (MA) JD, University of Southern California Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney
2010–2011 Andrew Grassel (BA) JD, Southwestern Law School Solomon, Saltsman, & Jamieson
2009–2010 Samuel Bullock (BA) JD, University of California Davis  
  Matthew Gomory (BA) JD, University of California Davis  
  Josiah Parker (BA) JD, Pepperdine School of Law Weitz & Luxenberg
2007–2008 Amanda Trefethen (MA) JD, University of San Diego PT Lecturer, CSULB
  Errol C. Dauis (BA) JD, University of California Davis Boutin Jones law firm
  Taylor Jerri (BA) JD, Boston University  
2005–2006 Christopher Buechler (BA) JD, University of Southern California  
  Tim Klubnikin (BA) JD, Southwestern Law School Tinnelly Law Group
2004–2005 Chhunny Chhean (BA) JD, University of California Berkeley Chief of Community Prosecution, Dallas City Attorney’s Office
  Geneva Englebrecht (BA) JD, Whittier Law School Thompson & Horton, LLP
  Carlos Delgado Ibarcena (BA) JD, New York Law School  
  Caroline Elrod (BA) JD, Northeastern University  
  Kelly Laumbach Mieske (BA) JD, Loyola Law School  
2003–2004 Nathan Brodnax (BA) JD, Pepperdine School of Law Zieve, Brodnax & Steele, LLP
  Rebeca Canales (BA) JD, University of California Davis  
  Franklin Sims (BA) JD, University of California Berkeley  
2001–2002 William Senior (BA) JD from Loyola Law School Benjamin L. England & Associates
  Michael Zar (BA) JD, University of San Diego Kushner Carlson
  Franica Tawn (BA) JD, University of California Hastings College of Law  
2000–2001 Laura Clark (BA) JD, University of California Berkeley  
  Kathryn Gainey (BA) JD, Harvard Law School